The Business of the 21st Century

The Business of the st Century For the past several years multimillionaire businessman entrepreneur and investor Robert Kiyosaki has been a staunch supporter of network marketing Like many people he was skeptical about the indu

  • Title: The Business of the 21st Century
  • Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the past several years, multimillionaire businessman, entrepreneur, and investor Robert Kiyosaki has been a staunch supporter of network marketing Like many people, he was skeptical about the industry at first until he learned firsthand what network marketing is all about helping people.In his latest book, the author of the phenomenally successful Rich Dad Poor DFor the past several years, multimillionaire businessman, entrepreneur, and investor Robert Kiyosaki has been a staunch supporter of network marketing Like many people, he was skeptical about the industry at first until he learned firsthand what network marketing is all about helping people.In his latest book, the author of the phenomenally successful Rich Dad Poor Dad series shows why network marketing is indeed the business of the 21st century Robert shares the eight wealth building assets offered by network marketing that allow you to take advantage of these tough economic times to build a strong financial future and happier life.

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    1 thought on “The Business of the 21st Century”

    1. I DID IT. I READ A LEGIT NONFICTION BOOK. AND NOT A BIOGRAPHY. HEYOOOOThis was a decent book, though it got repetitive at times, which I understand was probably a tool used by Kiyosaki to really drive home his points. I'd recommend this for anybody interested in seeing a different point of view when it comes to jobs, education, time management, and business in general.

    2. I call these types of business books “Feel Good” books. The authors spends most of their time making you feel good about yourself, and I have no problem with that, we should all feel good about ourselves! However, this is supposed to be a business book and when a business book sounds more like a pep rally it is time to head for the door! This book is full of contradictions! These contradictions prove to me that slight of hand is taking place. The book is no different from the Rich Dad, Poor [...]

    3. summary :-become a salesman for a company-find your friends-convince them in purchasing from you-inspire some of them to be a salesman just like you for the same companyI don't like the concept . What an awkward situation to be a salesman and the target of your salesman tricks are your friends, and even if you take off your salesman hat things still feel weird. I would hate to be in a friends gathering and suddenly hear " hey the thing you sold me last week is a piece of junk , give me my money [...]

    4. “This book is either going to excite you, or it is going to floor you”. The prediction uttered from the guy across from me at the Starbucks table as he pushed this piece of writing in my direction. Days earlier, I had met the gentleman in my place of work. He was nice enough. Very personable. Good communication and people’s skills. Easy to connect with. Traits that he felt he also found reciprocated in meeting me. Something that was evident when after I assisted him to the best of my abili [...]

    5. We all know the government is shit, and is getting worse. Employees get taxed out of the ass while investors get huge tax breaks. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Mr. Kiyosaki knows this and I agree when he says that instead of complaining about it we need to learn about it and then take advantage of it. This book also explains why network marketing is the new top business of the 21st century.Notes & Quotes:"Take responsibility for your finances - or get used to taking orders fo [...]

    6. What a load of rubbish. More of a self-help book as it is devoid of any sort of "business of the 21st century". The author was probably looking to line his own pockets by talking up the scam of network marketing and attempting to push it on his readers. Do not waste your time with this garbage, you'll regret it. I sure do.

    7. Great book. Found it very informative. Robert expands on the way business is heading and to look out for yourself, you need to work for yourself. I'm on my way. I've found the right Net Work Marketing Company to succeed with. I believe in it and I'm going all the wayMy goal is to be Financially free. Thank you Robert Kiyosaki for the inspiration!

    8. This book presents an interesting perspective on wealth creation and one that in general I agree with and sure that Mr. Kiyosaki does as well. There are merits in his cash flow quadrant idea and don't think many would disagree that investing money to have it work for you (I quadrant) and owning a large business with the resources to support itself with minimal effort on owners part (B Quadrant) are preferable to being an employee (E Quadrant) and starting a company from scratch (S Quadrant). But [...]

    9. NWM network marketing, multilevelauthor of Rich Dad Poor Dadp.16 quadrants how do you make money Employee/Self/employed-small-business/Business owner/Investorerp.74 4 elements of leadership mental/emotional/spiritual/physical must control all 4 and help these 4 elements in your employees (to make them effective leaders) or you will fail4 steps to financial freedom1) build a business - generate a lot of $, tax brakes vs employee quadrant2)Reinvest in your business -don't use your income as a sour [...]

    10. The good: It introduces readers to the power of a network in business. I thought I knew what this book was going to be about, but was surprised. Some lightbulbs went off, and it colored in certain ideas that had once only been in black and white. Also, this book reminds readers of the "cash flow quadrant" from his previous book of the same name, which is a very valuable notion to understand. The bad: This book reads like a sales-pitch website. The kind where there's a thin row of text in the mid [...]

    11. This is a really good book that talks about the merits of Network Marketing, and the need for people today to change their thinking from one of an "employee" to one of an "entrepreneur/business" owner if they ever want to be financially independent. While this is certainly not a new idea nor new information, this book really illustrates how this makes sense in simple, layman's terms. I think this is Robert's best book so far. I highly recommend it.

    12. I just read 115 pages of basically no valuable information. A lot of words with no substance. "This is going to be great!", "This will change everything!" "Freedom freedom freedom", "this works!" All without offering any concrete information on how this network marketing fully works.

    13. Excellent book from Robetre Kiyosaki, in which he describes the basic principles of financial independence and wealth of the 21st century. At the beginning of the book the author tells that every person should take his financial future under control and his success depends only on him. Next is a description of the main eight assets to create real wealth. Here are the 8 assets:- knowledge of business in the real world;- perfection of personal qualities;- The circle of friends who share your value [...]

    14. The book revolves around financial education and building your career in network marketing business. The book is good to gain knowledge about self development, finance management and learning skills to build long term wealth.A good read for students and people who lacks basic financial knowledge.The book will help you to develop thinking and make plans on how to achieve your financial dreams with the help of network marketing business or any business.The 4 quadrant rule is must to Know about.The [...]

    15. Geared toward the network-marketing cult, but still has pearls for any entrepreneur. Some gems:There are 4 types of people :------------------------1. People who always have to be right** rarely change ** lawyers, accountants2. Comfort-seekers " House could be burning down, but they're on the sofa watching football "3. Approval-seekers ** people who must be liked ** will probably never be successful, because their survival is linked to making others happy4. People who like to win ** setting big [...]

    16. "WOW! I used my highlighter on this book more than ANY other book that I've ever read. If you're interested in leadership; if you're interested in wealth-building; if you're interested in entrepreneurship, then you've got to read this book!"

    17. We all are heading to the choice of do something or remain the same. Networkmarketing is the perfect choice to learn and make money on the way

    18. As usual pretty impressive thinking of Mr. Kiyosaki. I was amazed by a lot of facts in terms of finance freedom and I will try to do my best to achieve my goals.

    19. This book is all about how you should be a part of a pyramid scheme. It even has literal illustrations of a pyramid scheme with one guy at the top.Robert Kiyosaki is just gross.

    20. 98% of the content in this book probably could have been said in 15-20 pages. The content is decent, but it just drags on and on.

    21. A quick and easy read, this Kiyosaki book focuses on his favorite biz, network marketing. It extolls the high points of it and focuses on the benefits of the passive income gleaned.Kiyosaki points out that it's not all easy money and that it takes a good five years to put into play, but he glosses over a number of points that stood out to me as a previous home party person. The dominant one, to me, was the building of a team. You have to be constantly working with and training that team, even as [...]

    22. In General, It is a good book. Not too deep but yet do touch on the main points, and straight to the point (without too much repetition on every chapter).Taking into consideration this is Kiyosaki second book on the subject of Network Marketing (former was “the business school”) I’ve expected for more strong appealing conversation in this book so I can give it a warm recommendation (yet, I do recommend this book).It might be because of the reader(me :) ). The former book I read when I was [...]

    23. Εξαιρετικό! Σαφώς καλύτερη έκδοση από τη Η σχολή επιχειρηματιών του πλούσιου μπαμπά (τουλάχιστον για τα ελληνικά). Συνοψίζει τις αρχές του Robert T. Kiyosaki και επιπλέον δίνει μία πρακτική λύση για όποιον θέλει μία ελεύθερη (και ασφαλή ζωή) κάνοντας απόλυτα κατανοητό το πώς και το [...]

    24. The majority of people are trapped in time for money trade. where they enslave themselves to a job. Then there are those who decided to set up a small medium enterprise (SME)of their own, being their own boss, where they value freedom, however they found that, they are trapped even further as they are the magic of the biz, and then there is two more quadrants where there is the Big B ; Big Biz where people are millionaires and billionaires, where Kiyosaki proposes an ideal vehicle for everyone t [...]

    25. An easy to read book which is a bit repetitive if you've read some of Kiyosaki's earlier works, however this is a direct message to families. Build a network marketing business to give you the option to take up real-estate (primarily) or other types of investments. Importantly Kiyosaki outlines the benefits of leadership, learning and the like which are obtained by building a network marketing business. It helps me better understand my own work in this area.

    26. I always believe that what Robert Kiyosaki is saying in his books are "propheti"c in natureHe was of the few people who said that before 2010 the economy of the great USA will tumble down and the market will crash again it did happen! So, now in his new book about the business of the 21st century, he was telling his reader that Network Marketing is the trend of this century. That's why I want to be part of this business as early as now!

    27. Amazing read -- if for nothing else, this will motivate you to take action and become passionate about taking control of your own financial future -- and provide practical steps on how to do that. It's the power of individuals working together in a NETWORK to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the human spirit.

    28. Mostly a feel good/ this could be you book; however, the business knowledge that was in it was good. I liked how he broke up the forms of income into the 4 quadrants, and this book broadened my understanding of franchises and even though I wouldn't Network Market, it showed the necessity of Networking in general (for business). 2/5 Stars.

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