Eve of Sin City

Eve of Sin City Sin City Las Vegas is home to humans and Infernals of all sorts the good the bad and the ugly If you ask Evangeline Hollis good is in short supply ugly might be amusing but bad is most definitely

  • Title: Eve of Sin City
  • Author: S.J. Day Sylvia Day
  • ISBN: 9781429926942
  • Page: 154
  • Format: ebook
  • Sin City Las Vegas is home to humans and Infernals of all sorts the good, the bad, and the ugly If you ask Evangeline Hollis, good is in short supply, ugly might be amusing, but bad is most definitely her business Eve is a Mark, a heavenly bounty hunter, and Las Vegas is her territory.

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      154 S.J. Day Sylvia Day
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    1 thought on “Eve of Sin City”

    1. A great read! If your a fan of S.J Day's Marked series, then you have to read this short story. I was sure Eve of Chaos would be the last book, but I'm so glad I was wrong. Even though Eve of Sin City is only 38 pages long, it was awesome. Eve, Caine and Abel are one of my favorite love triangles ever, and it was good to see them it action again. I have a feeling this won't be the last story in the series, because Satan isn't through with Eve just yet. I'm excited to read more what a tease!

    2. Finally- Eve gets to use her interior decorating skills and still kick some infernal butt.The story is short but good. Leaves us wanting more. Especially what Sammael's up too, why he seems attracted to Eve (both of them), just like the brothersCuriously free of sex, thoughLet's hope Sylvia can persuade Penguin to continue this saga at some point. It is obviously a story that means a lot to her, and from what I can see on her Facebook page; to her fans as well. This book series is 2nd most reque [...]

    3. Meh, this was just a like a little deleted scene that really is just for those desperate for more of Eve and her standard interactions with Alec and Reed. Her hunt doesn't even require any of her normal out of the box thinking. I think this might be after the end of the series since she is wearing a ring, but I was expecting a change in her life from the ending of Eve of Warfare, so maybe I am wrong in the timeline.

    4. Oh, wow. Sometimes short stories just might give you insight into a new possibility in a series. This one is one of those short stories.Interesting plot and arc, interesting characters (especially Alec Cain *hubba hubba hubba*)I just might start looking into this series for real.

    5. I love the Marked series. Wish there was more out for the series. But why does the vamp in this story remind me of Bones.

    6. I truly do love this series. All though this book felt a little out of place, I really enjoyed it overall. I love the characters of Eve, Cain and Abel. Please Penguin books, let Ms. Day continue this beloved series!!!

    7. Where is the next book??? The "Eve of Chaos" left a cliffhanger and this one acknowledges it, like, WHY IS THERE A RING ON HER LEFT HAND? and did the one line in this short novella tell? WHERE IS THE NEXT BOOK????

    8. The only reason this book is rated lower than the others is because this story was so short and it did not answer any questions/situations from the previous books. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and hope Sylvia returns to this series soon!

    9. Another great story!It was far too short but because I love the whole series I won't knock off any points, but I still feel as though there should be at least one more full length novel to bring to conclusion the relationship between Eve and the brothers!

    10. Meh. Not exciting. Confusing too as the story is somewhat incongruent with how the first novella leaves off. Would have rather jumped into the continuation of that story instead of this non-sequitur. SJD really needs to find a way to give the series the ending it deserves. This isn't it.

    11. Fun story, and intriguing enough view of the world to try another book or two in the series. Stands alone just fine.

    12. This was a freebie read on the author's website. It was pretty good and the first I've read of this series. I was a little confused at first (terminology) but got the point pretty soon. I liked the characters and am definitely interested in reading more of these books. This would be something that I would think would be best read in order because of the referrals to things that had already happened. It started a little slower but was interesting and kept me in the story until I got to the action [...]

    13. I am not starting another series by Sylvia Day until I know it is completed. I have read Crossfire,Dream Guardians and now the Marked Series. Each one ends with some level of cliff hanger and then she doesn't write anything additionally for YEARS. I understand that this is her livelihood, but I'd rather read someone that isn't in constant negotiations with her publisher. I don't think she has a completed series.

    14. a bit disappointed that the book was so short! if your going to do a write up to finish it at least finish it. I loved all the marked series and have re-read it a few times and still love it but this just leaves us hanging a bit longer and is there going to be another book to finish it all?

    15. A fun little story back in the world that I grew to love while reading these books. I wish there were going to be more.

    16. This is way to short, it should have been part of a longer book. It should have been free being only 28 pages. Still it was a good read.

    17. Great read. I am sorry the series is finished. She could write more with the way it ended so maybe she will some day.

    18. Another Tor short story.This story is part of a larger arc which takes place in many novels. Because of that, and the heavy faux Christian mythology, I didn`t really like this one.

    19. A good conclusion to the story, but I still hope that there will be more. I really was hoping for the other brother!

    20. This was ok. I wish instead of these little short stories she's just write another book! I want more Cain & Abel!

    21. Must admit, I really enjoyed this series but wasn't sure what the point of this one was she continuing on with the series? I'm confused.

    22. Having no other experience with the series, this felt like a collision between a bad Buffy episode and a stilted Mary Sue romance novel.

    23. You could tell the author was in a hurry to finish and just rushed the story too much. Poor way to end such a great story.

    24. Well that was very disappointing. Very short (even for a novella) and barely mentioned the events of Eve of Warfare. I am thinking it must be a set up for the next book in the series.

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