Vicksburg: The Campaign That Opened The Mississippi

Vicksburg The Campaign That Opened The Mississippi Vicksburg The Campaign That Opened The Mississippi

  • Title: Vicksburg: The Campaign That Opened The Mississippi
  • Author: Michael B. Ballard
  • ISBN: 9780807828939
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vicksburg The Campaign That Opened The Mississippi

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      422 Michael B. Ballard
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    1 thought on “Vicksburg: The Campaign That Opened The Mississippi”

    1. The Vicksburg campaign usually refers to Grant's operations against the city beginning in November/December 1862. This book takes a broader scope of the campaign, including operations on the Mississippi (not all of them against Vicksburg) before Grant. It also looks at the city itself, with a brief history including the locals sentiments on secession and the war. Over a hundred pages pass before the traditional start of the campaign with Grant's failed overland push from Tennessee.The failed ope [...]

    2. This is currently the best examination of the campaign, the culmination of which on July 4th, 1863, doomed the Confederacy to final defeat. Unfairly overshadowed by the Battle of Gettysburg in the popular mind, Ballard, through his extensive research and fine writing, forcefully conveys the larger importance of this campaign which lasted over a year and had a much wider range and greater impact than any one battle . Most of northern Mississippi was devastated to the point of recovery taking deca [...]

    3. An excellent account of the complex Vicksburg Campaign. Required reading for anybody interested in the details surrounding Vicksburg in the Civil War.

    4. Not my usual history book, but I find military history fascinating and would love to learn more about it. I also took a Civil War class last year and that time period ranks a close second behind my specialty (Early American history). Since I was on vacation this week, I also figured I'd have lots of concentrated time on my flights and on the beach to focus on the complex details. I know it's not a typical beach read, but I rarely do things in a typical manner.I really enjoyed reading this book a [...]

    5. This book is okay but doesn't offer much new. My two issues are his continual, long asides to talk about what the soldiers felt and wrote that interrupts the narrative of the campaign and that fact that Ballard, an archivist not an historian or military leader, continually makes judgements about what the commanders should have done with absolute certainty this would work. It is distracting and not good scholarship.

    6. A dense, informative, and well-researched history of the Vicksburg campaign. Ballard argues that the Union was able to achieve victory through superior generalship and naval power. As Ballard tells it, Union forces operated as part of a remarkably smooth team effort, while the Confederates were just about the complete opposite; Ballard is sympathetic towards Pemberton, but less so of Johnston, who appears to have few admirers among historians of the war. He is surprisingly sympathetic with McCle [...]

    7. Ballard's account of the Vicksburg campaign is both detailed and complete, covering the strategic setting, pre-campaign activities, the battles themselves, and the resulting aftermath of Grant's victory. Drawing heavily on primary source correspondence, Ballard describes the perceptions and decisions of various confederate and Union commanders and the resulting impact of those decisions in a clear concise manner.The maps presented in the 2004 edition are acceptable but not as easy to read and un [...]

    8. I'll admit it - I didn't finish this book. I picked it up from the library prior to a trip to Mississippi that would include a half-day at the Vicksburg battlefield. I was only about 80-90 pages in when we actually went on the tour, and in the weeks since, I haven't felt the need to go back. This is a reflection of my fickle literary attention span as much as it is the excellence of the Vicksburg audio tour.Even though I haven't finished, I can venture some opinions. The book is incredibly well- [...]

    9. Vicksburg was the Gibralter of the confederacy on the Mississippi River and its conquest by Union forces was necessary in order to split the Confederacy in half. The city controlled the river and it took numerous campaigns and a siege to defeat it.

    10. Yes, I am a total history dork, but I enjoyed this thorough yet concise (I think that's what it said on the jacket) history of one of my favorite battles. yes, i have favorite battles.

    11. Long and rambling book that fills a hole in the literature, but strangely lacks many details on commanders and maps are sorely lacking. The defintive one volume account has yet to be written.

    12. This book was required reading to prepare for a staff ride to Vicksburg. While the book provides intricate detail, it is severely lacking in maps / sketches.

    13. A highly informative and entertaining book about a battle unfairly and foolishly over-shadowed by events at Gettysburg.

    14. A detailed, thorough and readable account of the campaign to take Vicksburg and open the Mississippi. A very good popular narrative.

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