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  • Title: Seconds
  • Author: David Ely
  • ISBN: 9780899684260
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Seconds”

    1. I saw the great John Frankenheimer movie of this novel in the1960s and then went out and got the book. It is an excellentthriller about a middle-aged man who gets to be "reborn" assomeone who looks like Rock Hudson and who is an artist inMalibu with no obligations to nobody. Perfect? WellTonight I saw the movie again

    2. Intriguing and suspenseful, with an atmosphere of dread that never lets up. The main character's odyssey reads like a bad fever dream. Great stuff.

    3. A moreish tale of early 60s paranoia with a jazzy premise - aging banker gets 'reborn' with a new identity as a hip painter and a hot new bod - sadly, it is relentlessly serious-face, trying hard to be an Orwellian commentary on identity, totalitarianism and the dehumanisation of corporate culture and technology yada yada all the time you're kinda just hoping he'll relax and go with it. Dude, you're an artist with a frikkin beach-front house and naked life-models throwing themselves at you, don' [...]

    4. I thought it was very well written! Great storyline, and almost believable, like The Matrix for 1960s. Excellent.

    5. The Basis Of A Classic MovieThis novel became the basis of one of Rock Hudson's best movies. A middle age banker is given a second chance at life by a mysterious organization.

    6. A very solid read, extremely well written and deftly executed. I'm perplexed by the low aggregate rating.I have seen the movie a few times (before having read the book) and it is also very good. There did seem (to me) a feeling of the film version being a bit dated, very California 60s.Somehow this was not as prominent (at least not to me) in the novel. Though I knew where things were headed, the author was expert at creating an atmosphere of anxious menace and doom.

    7. Originally released in 1963, and made into a movie starring Rock Hudson in 1966, David Ely’s short science fiction book has been rereleased in 2013, and feels destined to be remade into a scifi summer blockbuster. While at times the novel feels very dated, there are many themes in the book that resonate with today’s reader and everything going on in the world.Antiochus Wilson has the classic sixties life: a decent job which he has done well in and climbed the ranks, making a decent wage; at [...]

    8. Es war ein seltsames Lesen. Nennen wir den Protagonisten "Wilson" - denn so heißt er etwas später.Doch bon Vorne. Wilson wird von einem Freund angerufen, der erst einige zuvor gestorben ist. Dieser Freund erzählt ihm, dass er nicht wirklich tot sei, sondern es nur vortäuschte. Blieb aber über vieles andere eher kryptisch.Eines Tages erhielt Wilson einen Zettel mit einer Adresse. Er folgt den Anweisungen, ohne wirklich zu wissen was los ist. Er gelangt über mehrere Etappen in "die Firma", d [...]

    9. There's an old proverb: The grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence).It is usually meant in an ironic way, meaning that the grass is not actually greener on the other side at all; it merely appears so from our fixed position.This is essentially what the novel seems to ask: What if we could go over that fence, with the "small" provision, that once we have grossed it we could never turn back?It also proposes an answer . . . and the answer, as may be expected, is far from a pleasant [...]

    10. Always wanted to read this because I loved the movie. I was not disappointed. The only thing that was a letdown was the ending. I thought the movie, with Rock Hudson as the "reborn" man, had a more terrifying climax. In that sense, it was an improvement over the novel's ending. All things considered, though, I recommend this story highly. It will haunt you.

    11. Chilling book that makes real the saying, "Be careful what you wish for "It's short and to the point. Is also a great film.

    12. Seconds is one of those classic Rod Sterling stories where, if you are paying attention to the setup just right, it is pretty easy to see where it is going. Being a teacher of literature and story, I would have liked to see something a little more innovative than walking into the ending that I saw coming, however, I will take into consideration that this was likely a pretty original story for 1963. That in mind, there was a great deal of meandering and needless points in the novel where action s [...]

    13. It was all right, but not as good as the movie. Wilson is so polite, which I kind of like, but which also is sad. This book brought me down. If you have no dreams, and you pay other people to make you some, what can you expect but disappointment?This book is chilling and timely.

    14. Wow. This really sucked.A great idea for a Twilight episode. As a novel? I'm too tired right now to look up when it was written. The extreme sexism makes me at least hope it was a long time ago. It's obvious how everything will turn out which isn't alone a bad thing. the writing was dull, the sexism was distracting. The IDEA was great, which is why I thought as a Twilight episode it would have succeeded, because the timing would have been obvious.I wish I remembered how/why I downloaded this boo [...]

    15. One of the few instances I can honestly say the book was not as good as the film. Frankenheimer's film is an unsung classic, and finally receiving the acclaim and attention it deserves now that it has been released on the Criterion Collection.

    16. I imagine this story seemed pretty cutting edge when it was published in the early 60's! Not so much now, but a fun quick read from a perspective of 50 years later. Might have to look for the film version starring Rock Hudson!

    17. A serviceable Sci-Fi thriller that inspired the great John Frankenheimer film. I might have liked it better had I not seen the classic movie first.

    18. It isn't as good as the movie and a few things are left unanswered but it's still interesting and believably written!

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