The Friend of Madame Maigret

The Friend of Madame Maigret In The Friend of Madame Maigret Simenon s economic prose brilliantly portrays the Marais quarter of Paris and those who haunt its narrow streets as Inspector Maigret attempts to prove that a murder h

  • Title: The Friend of Madame Maigret
  • Author: Georges Simenon Helen Sebba
  • ISBN: 9780143038931
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • In The Friend of Madame Maigret, Simenon s economic prose brilliantly portrays the Marais quarter of Paris and those who haunt its narrow streets as Inspector Maigret attempts to prove that a murder has actually been committed without a corpse anywhere to be found As the investigation becomes increasingly complex, seemingly unconnected characters are drawn into the case,In The Friend of Madame Maigret, Simenon s economic prose brilliantly portrays the Marais quarter of Paris and those who haunt its narrow streets as Inspector Maigret attempts to prove that a murder has actually been committed without a corpse anywhere to be found As the investigation becomes increasingly complex, seemingly unconnected characters are drawn into the case, and Maigret begins to wonder if his wife s earlier strange encounter with a woman and her baby may be the missing link.

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    1. One large reason that I so enjoyed The Madman of Bergerac and Maigret's Holiday is that patient, insightful Louise Maigret plays a larger role than usual in those novels. That’s once again true in this novel, the 34th in this wonderful series. First released in English in 1959 with the more accurate title Madame Maigret’s Own Case, this 34th novel in the Maigret series is one of the best for Madame Maigret fans like myself.The current title is a bit of a misnomer. You know how it is: You str [...]

    2. Georges Simenon rarely disappoints me, especially in the Jules Maigret mysteries he wrote over a forty-year span. By now, I have read probably twenty of them -- without so much as scratching the surface. Madame Maigret's Own Case (L'amie de Mme Maigret] gives the French police inspector a seemingly impossible problem: A bookbinder is arrested for suspicion of murder when two human teeth are found in his furnace. Also, not a million miles away, Mme Maigret is waiting on a park bench chatting with [...]

    3. An interesting departure from most of the Maigret novels. Indeed from the outset the focus appears to be on his wife who prior to her dental appointments was in the habit of sitting on a park bench until her time. Most of the reason was to meet her friend who came to the park each day with her Son.Although nothing is said was it because of Madame Maigret's love of children, the Maigret's being childless? However on this particular morning Maigret's wife gets more as she bargains for as the mothe [...]

    4. Following an anonymous tip-off, human teeth are found in the incinerator of a bookbinder in Paris. It’s puzzling given that the bookbinder and his wife spend all of their time together and that the victim remains unidentified.To complicate matters further, and to add sprinkles to the icing on the cake, Madame Maigret becomes directly involved. While waiting for a dental appointment, a woman she has befriended on the square disappears to leave Maigret’s wife in charge of a child. Following on [...]

    5. One of the few Maigrets with a major role for Madame Maigret, in meeting two of the protagonists early on, then taking independent action behind Maigret's back in order to identify a character when the (male) police have not the nous! Great fun, as well as a wonderful picture of the small and vulnerable characters of Paris.The GR blurb is:"In The Friend of Madame Maigret, Simenon's economic prose brilliantly portrays the Marais quarter of Paris and those who haunt its narrow streets as Inspector [...]

    6. Alors je n’avais jamais entendu parler de cette séries. Du coup je l’ai acheté sans aucune considération. Cependant, je ne dirais pas que c’était mauvais du tout - l’écriture est assez beau avec d’humour, et du plus, l’intrigue elle-même est bonne.Ce livre par Georges Simenon s’agit d’un inspecteur qui doit prouver qu’un meutre a eu lieu. Les indices primaires? Deux dents et une rencontre entre sa femme, Madame Maigret, et une femme avec son enfant. Il y a des critiques i [...]

    7. نوع الرواية "جريمة " تحدث جريمة قتل وتبدأ الشرطة بالتحقيق في هذه الجريمة شعرت نفسي ضائعة حاولت تدارك الوضع وأن اركز اكثر ولكن لم تعجبني قرأت الكثير من روايات الجرائم وعشقي هذا النوع ولكن لم تعجبني هذه القصة /الجريمة

    8. Oh, I enjoyed this!After a summer full of disappointments in reading, this was just my drop. Hats off to Helen Sebba, who translated the edition I read. Madame M. strikes up a passing acquaintance with a pretty young woman who always has a toddler in tow. Juste, "bonjour/bonsoir" as they say in the films. One morning the young lady asks her if she would keep her eye on the little boy for a momentd she disappears for a couple of hours, leaving Madame more than worried, and her lunch burning on th [...]

    9. Una donna come la signora Maigret non può finire in prima pagina. Cosa le sarà successo?Noi lettori non possiamo che esserne felici, poiché quella che, per tanti romanzi, è stata soltanto una figura secondaria, di sfondo, sfruttata come componente tranquillizzante di una normalità domestica, diventa finalmente reale.Il commissario Maigret non può permettere che accada qualcosa alla sua famiglia. Deve portare alla luce la verità. Ma non è il solo, poiché anche la signora Maigret non si l [...]

    10. The eighth 'Maigret' novel I have read and one of the best so far. The solving of the crime relies on a coincidence that is utterly plausible. It was nice to learn more about Maigret's wife and to observe a little of the great detective's domestic life.

    11. Georges Simenon has written all these brilliant, existential, French novels that feature Chief Inspector Maigret.

    12. The police receive an anonymous note that a body has been burned in a furnace of a local book binder. Teeth are found in the furnace giving credence to the the anonymous note. In his usual dogged, steady fashion, Inspector Maigret investigates.

    13. THE FRIEND OF MADAME MAIGRET. (1950; trans. 1960). Georges Simenon. ****.We learn of two allegedly unrelated events: Mme. Maigret was sitting on a bench in the park – she was early for her dental appointment – when a woman and a young child sat next to her. After a bit, the woman asked her if she would look after the child for a little while as she had an important errand to run. Of course Maigret agreed. After a couple of hours, during which time Mme. Maigret was becoming increasingly conce [...]

    14. I picked this up in anticipation of seeing Madame Maigret taking on a larger role in a Maigret story, but unfortunately the title led me to expect more than what it delivered. Madame Maigret does play the sleuth intermittently in this one and her experience is a fundamental facet of the case at the centre of the story. Otherwise she is still a secondary character with only slightly more frequent appearances than her usual remarks of family life and affection with the eponymous detective.And this [...]

    15. A bewildering crime, and an unusual central role in the investigation of Madame Maigret, who thanks to a enforced wait before her dental appointments, befriends a woman and a small child. Some human teeth have been discovered in the stove of a bookbinder in Paris, and there are suspicious reports regarding a suitcase, nasty burning smells, and the unusual behaviour of the proprietor. Maigret investigates, but is under some considerable political pressure due to the involvement of an ambitious ba [...]

    16. Main reasons why I disliked this book:1. The portuguese translation of this book was honestly awful, making the reading very painful2. I was unable to connect with the story or have whatsoever interest in any part of it since the characters lacked personal underground and the crime seemed so stupid no one could take it seriously. (stress, sadness, despair, fear? all those feelings usually present in these books? not included)3. You feel an emptiness of everything. Finding amazing evidences, bein [...]

    17. Madame Maigret is waiting on a bench for a dentist appointment when a lady in a white hat with a young child engages her in conversation. Later, she asks Maigret to watch her child for a minute that turns into hours. Is this lady somehow, by chance, connected with a crime the chief inspector is working on? He has received an anonymous note that a book binder has burned a body in his shop furnace, and indeed two human teeth are found in that furnace. Are they plants? Has a crime been committed? T [...]

    18. A GR friend whose judgment I respect rated this mystery one star higher than the other Maigret stories he read recently, so I gave it a try and it exceeded my expectations. I wanted to read one because Maigret was the favorite detective of my stepfather, who was police chief of a European city. I found some of the attitudes old-fashioned in an unfortunate way but overall it was a pleasant pastime.

    19. I thought I would love it more. It's a short read and I expected to finish it in a couple of days at most. I found my mind wandering and getting confused about losing interest.Simenon is considered a GREAT writer, so I'll probably try another of his books. This one just didn't do it for me.

    20. Никога не съм бил особен фен на криминалния жанр, още по-малко на модерните му представители, но класиките в него радват с простия си, ясен език и непретенциозното действие. Книгите на Сименон пък имат и добавения бонус да показват франция от началото и средата на миналия ве [...]

    21. I'm really enjoying Maigret's adventures. I'm frankly deducting a star solely because I would've liked certain details to have been handled differently and Madame Maigret to at least make an appearance at the end (spoiler, she really doesn't). Otherwise quite enjoyable :) Maigret's love for his people and profession seeps through every line :)

    22. 3.5, I liked it. Simenon is my one of most favorite authors. I like Maigret as a police chief, his patience and his ways of doing things. There is less drama in this series which makes it more likable to me.

    23. Some 0f Simenon's work can be a bit to tricky - and confusing.Liked this but found it hard to follow at times - had to listen to the last three chapters twice

    24. i don't know why i loved this novel, i guess i just loved how calm and soothing it was the whole time, yet never boring. definitely reading another book in this series inshallah

    25. Simenon, Georges. MADAM MAIGRET’S OWN CASE. (1959). ***1/2. The plot of this case for Maigret was a bit more confusing than most. There were lots of extra characters floating around that made it difficult to keep track of the action. In any event, it was still a good read. It all starts out when Chief Inspector Maigret gets an anonymous tip that a murder has been committed at a bookbinder’s shop. When the police go to investigate, they find that there are two teeth in the furnace, and a blue [...]

    26. This is an enjoyable Maigret mystery, but not one from Simenon's top drawer. As is often the case with the less satisfying books, the resolution of the murder case comes out of nowhere, so the reader is really unable to participate with the Inspector in the amusement of intuiting what has happened. However, the involvement of Madame Maigret as an integral part of the plot is interesting, and there are several scenes of domesticity that don't usually figure in these books. The characters themselv [...]

    27. MADAME MAIGRET’S OWN CASE by the incomparable Georges Simenon is a 1959 outing for the Paris police. They have received an anonymous note telling of a body that has been incinerated in a local bookbinder’s shop. Upon investigation, two teeth are found in the ashes and the bookbinder is held in custody awaiting further developments. For Madame Maigret, an ordinary trip to the dentist leaves her with custody of a child when the nanny suddenly departs the small park they are in. It is only seve [...]

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