Swept Away

Swept Away Set in Regency England a dangerous time of spies treachery and intrigue A stranger has washed up on shore half dead with no memory of who he is or why he has been accused of treason His only hope

  • Title: Swept Away
  • Author: Marsha Canham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set in Regency England, a dangerous time of spies, treachery, and intrigue A stranger has washed up on shore, half dead, with no memory of who he is or why he has been accused of treason His only hope of avoiding death is a shadowy memory hovering just beyond his graspd the beautiful heiress who becomes his willing captive in order to find the key to his past and unSet in Regency England, a dangerous time of spies, treachery, and intrigue A stranger has washed up on shore, half dead, with no memory of who he is or why he has been accused of treason His only hope of avoiding death is a shadowy memory hovering just beyond his graspd the beautiful heiress who becomes his willing captive in order to find the key to his past and unlock their destinies.Multiple award winning USA Today bestselling author.

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      437 Marsha Canham
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    1 thought on “Swept Away”

    1. This is my third book in a row to read by Marsha Canham, and I love how she weaves historical fiction into her romances. As a fan of Regency romance, I thought she did a great job incorporating language, dress and mannerisms of the times and yet told a tale of adventure that takes place from mansions to warships. The heroine is a lady who is innocent yet has a rebellious streak I loved, and the hero is a man who ran from sadness to seek adventure. A historical figure even makes a brief cameo. A [...]

    2. I picked this as my next book from Marsha Canham's writing because showed it rated as one of the lowest. I was very curious to see if in fact MC had a book that was mediocre, as I would suspect all authors must have at least one, be it an early attempt or a burnt-out one. I hold Diana Gabaldon is very high regard for her talent but her fifth book in the Outlander series is a testament to my theory. While this one did start out rather slower than the ones I have already read,I was still not disa [...]

    3. This was a real page turner for me, and parts of it had me laughing out loud. I just adored the characters, especially Aunt Florence. :0) The story revolves around Annaleah Fairchilde who has been banished to her great Aunt Florence's house, as punishment until she can see reason in her mothers setting up a marriage between herself and Lord Barrimore. Aunt Florence is quite the eccentric old lady and teaches Annaleah about being true to herself and not settling for what others want her to be. On [...]

    4. Entertaining for sure; it had it all, pirates, swashbuckling, amnesia, carriage chases, the ol' switch-er-roo, masquerade ball, beautiful girl, even Napoleon Bonaparte. You name it, it had it.

    5. *sigh*takes me back to being 17 and discovering the world of swashbuckling romance novels for the first time.

    6. The book started off with promise when the heroine finds the man washed up on shore. I was hoping she would nurse him back to health, but within a few pages he's fine except that his memory is lost. Their initial romance and attraction is well done and believable, but I found myself quickly losing interest. I just didn't care about the guy's past or the Napoleon part. The Napoleon tie in is the sort of thing that must have seemed like a good idea when proposed, but fell flat in execution. It was [...]

    7. 3.5*Enjoyable historical romance set in England just after Napoleon surrenders the second time and before he is sent to St. Helene. The book drew me in and I was definitely in the dark about some of the suspese plot. I enjoyed the action scenes, and the love scenes were generally well-written. What I found somewhat weak was the pacing of the book, which was uneven. Also, much of the danger Emory and Anna incurred sprang from one out-of-character action by Emory relatively early in the book. I al [...]

    8. This heroine was a bit modern for a historical romance, but that made her interesting and is probably the reason why she was so attractive to the men that courted her. Who wants a parrot or a pet dog for a wife? I guess people that don't have much confidence in themselves? Or perhaps men in high society in London in the 18th and 19th century? Well, we find ourselves in 1815's England and the end of Bonaparte's reign in France.What is a single girl to do?Obviously, run off this a alleged traitor [...]

    9. This was a rather cute Swashbuckler, or was it a rather cute Regency Romance? I guess it was a rather cute Regency Swashbuckler, which reads like it should have been written 70 years earlier so it could be made into an Errol Flynn movie. There was one really huge plot inconsistency that still has me gritting my teeth, but I am trying hard to forgive and forget it since overall, I enjoyed this entertaining, fast-paced piece of fluffy mind-candy. It would be a great way to perk-up a boring evening [...]

    10. I normally read reviews of books before reading to know what to expect. In all the reviews I read I only saw "great, fun regency story" blah blah blah. The book started out great, it kind of reminded me of the Bourne Identity regency style (I know, it sounded funny in my head too). And then it abruptly turned into a Harlequin romance novel. It completely ruined it for me. I'm sure it's a great story if you like that genre but it came straight out of left field for me taking me by surprise and co [...]

    11. I picked this up free back in 2011. I think it was something about the cover that kept me from reading it. It's not a bad cover, I guess I just thought there might not be much story there - I was wrong! I really enjoyed this one. The characters had great chemistry, the amnesia storyline was believable, and the roguish hero you can't help but adore. I also liked the history twist on Bonaparte, and the supporting characters were equally well developed.

    12. I truly loved the story line, but could really have done without the sex scenes. The story line was different from any I have previously read. I have never been much on romances, but this one had a great storyline as well. I knew the two main characters would get together by the end, but it plot was well developed so it was a pleasure reading it - except for the several page sex scenes - and very unrealistic scenes at that. Leave those out and it is 4 stars.

    13. Loved itI dont think Ive ever read a book by Canham yet I didnt truly like. This is a very good, wk written book. She uses her imagination so well. Im in live with the hero here, and, for once, I really like the heroine. Both characters are so well done, and the dialogue is great. Filled with sensuality and romance. The plot is exciting and interesting me reading. Finished in a day. A must read, and a definite high recommendation.

    14. Ms. Canham has been very generous in her free-list offerings. This is another gem that I snatched up when it was made available, and as always with her books, it did not disappoint. This story takes place just after the Napoleonic Wars and to some degree deals with Napoleon himself. It is a fun adventure tale of a man searching for the truth and a somewhat improper young miss that helps him find his way. It was an extremely good read, thank you Ms. Canham!

    15. What a great book! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I'm always afraid of reading books set in the 1800's just due to dialog but I had no issues with it! Ya every now and then I had to look a word up but that's the great thing about kindles, built in dictionary! This story has romance and some suspense and action! It's worth the read and I will definitely check out other books written by this author.

    16. Vulnerable rogue meets spirited aristocrat - perhaps a little formulaic on the surface. The historical twist and cloak-and-dagger elements made it much more entertaining than I'd hoped! Nice level of heat; dramatic "romance novel" passion was tempered by a more genuine earthiness that I found refreshing.

    17. I liked the carte blanche Canham takes with the Napoleon history. I liked Emory and his code of honor. I liked Anna's independence and free thinking. I just wished I liked the mesh of them all together more. A lot of it was just forgettable. I still love Canham's historical writing, though. Very rich and detailed.

    18. This was my first read by this author. I loved it. I just added her other books to my 'to-read' list and can't wait to see what else she has to offer. Loved the plot, love the primary and secondary characters. Would certainly read it again. Not your typical Regency novel, for which I am grateful.

    19. Another free Kindle book that is starting off on a great note. I'm loving the character developments and the humor this author employs.Swept Away

    20. Fun and exciting historical fiction/romance. A fictional story based on the capture of Napoleon Bonaparte. I haven't any clue how much of the Napoleon part was true, but the fictional tale of the hero and heroine was great. Glad I found this e-book on .

    21. Another good one from Marsha Canham. She has to be my favorite Romance author. She has a wonderful talent of basing her stories in actual historical events. I'm working very hard to get my hands on every Marsha Canham book I can!

    22. This was a really good book. The romance and the mystery through out kept me reading on and on. I loved the aunt in this book she was awesome. I totally recommend this book to historical romance readers.

    23. According to the book description I was looking forward to a good historic novel with some romance and adventure. Got sucked into what turned out to be a trashy romance novel with some "uncomfortable" descriptive scenes.

    24. romancenoveljunkies for readers It's actually not a bad read, it's like watching a made for tv movie. Good romance and adventure. Love both characters very detail book as well as long so make sure it's your type of book.

    25. Good story. Just enough adventure and intrigue, with twists and turns to hold my interest, with a great romance thrown in for good measure.

    26. Set in the 1800's (partly historical fiction) and filled w/ love, intrigue, and adventure. Freebie on Kindle

    27. Great story, but could have easily left out the sex. I don't think the sex helped the story at all. Without the sex, it would have been a hands-down 5!

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