Traction Man Meets Turbodog

Traction Man Meets Turbodog Traction Man is back And so is Scrubbing Brush his brave and rather bedraggled pet But one night Scrubbing Brush myseriously vanishes and in his place is the utterly hygenic Turbodog in indestructib

  • Title: Traction Man Meets Turbodog
  • Author: Mini Grey
  • ISBN: 9780099484028
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Traction Man is back And so is Scrubbing Brush, his brave and rather bedraggled pet But one night Scrubbing Brush myseriously vanishes and in his place is the utterly hygenic Turbodog, in indestructible Purple Plastic with Flashing Eyes, Electronic Bark and three AA batteries But it s not the same without Scrubbing Brush Where can he be Traction Man sets out on his grTraction Man is back And so is Scrubbing Brush, his brave and rather bedraggled pet But one night Scrubbing Brush myseriously vanishes and in his place is the utterly hygenic Turbodog, in indestructible Purple Plastic with Flashing Eyes, Electronic Bark and three AA batteries But it s not the same without Scrubbing Brush Where can he be Traction Man sets out on his greatest rescue mission yet Can he save Scrubbing Brush from And is there room in his life for two pets

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    1 thought on “Traction Man Meets Turbodog”

    1. When his pal Scrubbing Brush goes missing, Traction Man must search for his whereabouts, all while putting up with the rather annoying and noisy Turbo Dog. I didn't find this one quite as enjoyable as the first go-round. Maybe it was the lack of interaction between Traction Man and his owner?

    2. This installment of the Traction Man series is a lot of fun for any reader. The use of everyday objects as living characters ignites the imagination of the reader. The story may not send a clear message to teach young readers, but the adventure Traction Man takes is sure to entertain the reader no matter their age. I thought the story was impressively creative and would not hesitate to show it to a young reader.

    3. I've never seen anything like it. As soon as I open this book, complete silence. All 23 kids are completely enthralled.Review to come.

    4. The amazing Traction Man returns and along with his trusty friend Scrubbing Brush brave the Northwest Slope of Mt. Compost Heap. Unfortunately, on the journey, Scrubbing Brush is caught in the Sinking Mud of the Pond and gets caked in dirt. While they are resting after their adventure, Scrubbing Brush is replaced by the beeping, talking TurboDog. However, TurboDog really isn't up for the sorts of adventures Traction Man has. He gets sand in his gears, isn't any good at stealth missions, and only [...]

    5. In this Traction Man book, dad throws away the intrepid but filthy Scrubbing Brush and attempts to replace him with the high-tech Turbo Dog. But, as many children's books before have proven, nothing is better than some good old-fashioned imagination and low-tech fun. I can never decide what parts of Mini Grey's books I like the best. Is it the Ancient Potato who talks like Yoda? Is it the entire world contained in the backyard? Is it the old mascara brush with eyes and legs, or is it the remote [...]

    6. Every wonder what a kid goes through when their parent throws away something dear to them, just because to the unitiated eye the thing looks gross and/or potentially dangerous?? Traction Man meets Turbo Dog can help to answer that question. Scrubbing Brush, Traction Man's loyal sidkick, has been thrown in The Bin. TM dives in, armed with a loaded bottle of Germo (with Ammonia) and will deliver his friend safe from harm. Readers, kids and parents alike, will appreciate the humor and wonderful ill [...]

    7. It's been so long since Traction Man Is Here! that the Offspring (and I) had kind of forgotten about it, but they both got sucked in pretty quickly. Grey vividly portrays how a child's mind runs when playing, which is fascinating to children and adults. Plus, she's funny. Plus, the art is great. Go, read, laugh.

    8. September 2017 - Traction Man is a big hit lately! I love much is happening in the pictures besides what's in the text, and Ben loves the adventure.

    9. This book didn't move my world but I can see where it would appeal to some children. There is a lot of adventuring which for some children would really draw them in. The thing I did like was at the end where there was a link to science in regards to electricity. It was also a very moralistic story with lessons on the importance of friendship and cleanliness. SummaryThe story followed a little boy's action figure and his pet, the scrubbing brush, on a series of adventures. The brush was disposed [...]

    10. This book is very humorous. The illustrations of this book really present a quality reading package. In the book there is Traction Man and his sidekick Scrubbing brush. One day the dad decides Scrubbing Brush is too dirty to keep, he doesn’t bother telling his son, Traction Man’s owner, about his decision. In the story a new toy is introduced as a replacement for Scrubbing Brush, Turbodog. On the outside Turbodog appears to be a cutting edge robotic pet, but on the inside Turbodog is just a [...]

    11. I loved Traction Man is Here!, and this sequel is just as awesome as the original. In this story, the intrepid action figure Traction Man loses his beloved (albeit germ-harboring) pet Scrubbing Brush, when the boy’s parents toss him into the garbage. They think they can replace Scrubbing Brush by buying their son a shiny new Turbo Dog, a battery-powered toy canine with his own cartoon series. (Shades of Toy Story here.)However, Traction Man is not impressed by this scrap of tin and endeavors t [...]

    12. I've come to expect the unexpected from Mini Grey, but this is perhaps the strangest book of hers that I have read. I wonder if I've missed something by not having read the first in the series- Traction Man is Here? Possibly. Traction Man is a favoured toy of a young boy. Both the boy and Traction Man appear to enjoy playing in the mud, or the compost heap most of all. Traction Man has his own pet (a Scrubbing Brush dog), and they have lots of fun getting rather dirty. The boys father decides th [...]

    13. K-4th GradeMini Grey’s comic book inspired illustrations have a reader looking for every detail in this Superhero story about Traction Man losing his trusted sidekick Scrubbing Brush. This story is written and illustrated to show that this adventure is being played out in the imagination of the young boy that owns this super hero. When his Dad throws out the very dirty Scrubbing Brush and attempts to replace with a shiny new Turbo Dog, the boys’ imagination and curiosity allows him to find T [...]

    14. Are my wife and I the only people who see this book as sexually offensive and totally inappropriate for kids???? Heavens! It has a toy robot dog that has "insert batteries here" pointing at its anus, while it cries out "Intruder alert!". It finishes with a disgusting picture of the dog with an open blood-stained anus, with naked girls caressing it! On top of this, dirty sandwiches are eaten in a compost heap. Later Germo Ammonia is played with as a toy. Also, a child unsupervised dries his toys [...]

    15. Fans of Traction Man Is Here! will love this latest Mini Grey title. Traction Man is off on more adventures, this time with his faithful pet, Scrubbing Brush. They explore the backyard and when Traction Man returns, he finds the all new Turbodog is here to be his new pet. Traction Man quickly realizes that the new electronic pet is more trouble than it's worth. Unfortunately, Scrubbing Brush goes missing and Traction Man is faced to brave the Bin (trash can) to save his trusty friend. Whew! Ther [...]

    16. Traction Man returns with trusty sidekick Scrubbing Brush in this sequel to "Traction Man Is Here."After an adventure up Mt. Compost Heap Scrubbing Brush is thrown in the Bin! Oh, no! Traction Man is presented with Turbo Dog to be his new sidekick. However, after several adventures, Traction Man seriously misses Scrubbing Brush. Where is he?So the hunt is on! Traction Man looks everywhere but cannot find Scrubbing Brush. Then he hears him. Finally! Faint cries from the Bin. Traction Man heads in [...]

    17. This is the second book in the Traction Man series by Mini Grey. It's a fun continuation of the story, with a dirty scrubbing brush pet being replaced by a battery-powered TurboDog. I love how this story shows that toys that are made or repurposed from other things can be just as loved (or more so) than store-bought toys. It's a fun story, with plenty of excitement and fun illustrations. We really enjoyed reading this story together and we look forward to reading the next book: Traction Man and [...]

    18. Action figure hero Traction Man has incredible adventures with his faithful pal Srubbing Brush until Turbo Dog appears and Scrubbing Brush mysteriously vanishes. Turbo Dog is an acceptable sidekick, but not quite up to Srubbing Brush's level. So Traction Man searches high and low until he finds his old friend.A great celebration of imagination. The various fantastic adventures of Traction Man all happen within one house and yard, but the places are called things like the Grand Sofa Canyon (crack [...]

    19. Traction Man returns and has to rescue his faithful friend, Scrubbing Brush, after the clueless parents throw him in the garbage bin! Turbo Dog, a battery operated electronic toy is a clear disappointment and Traction Man must embark on a rescue operation, clad appopriately of course. The first book, Traction Man, is one of my grandsons' all-time favorite books and this new adventure delights them completely. There is lots of fun for the sharp-eyed reader, including appearences from characters f [...]

    20. Summary: In this comic-book inspired story, Traction Man loses his sidekick, Scrubbing Brush, and tries out a new sidekick, Turbo Dog.Response: My kids have been talking about this book and were thrilled to find out I was going to read it for "homework." It was as delightful to read this story as it was to have it so highly recommended by them. My daughter, who doesn't seem the least interested in comics and superheroes, loves this book, and so does my son. It is so fun to read it and share it w [...]

    21. This rating was made by my son. He loved this book and wants more like it. I thought it was OK. I was rather surprised to see that on , 9 people reviewed the book and ALL of them gave the book 5 stars.The story is about a boy with a toy called Traction Man and a dirty scrubbing brush that is acting as another toy sidekick to Traction Man. The parents decide it is unhygenic for their son to play with the brush and in the night secretly throw it away and replace it with a new robotic dog. Traction [...]

    22. Warning: Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog is a children's picture book! Read it together with the first book, Traction Man Is Here! These books are really funny in a tongue-in-cheek way, Toy Story for a new generation. Traction Man and his faithful pet, Scrubbing Brush, are off on their usual adventures (the details of which are hilarious), but SB gets so dirty that the boy's dad gets rid of him. The replacement, Turbodog, is NOT Traction Man's idea of a loyal sidekick. Eventually TM sets out on a q [...]

    23. Traction Man is back for more adventures and so is his sidekick, Scrubbing Brushuntil something happens and Traction Man is given a new pet--Turbodog. Turbodog is a fancy electronic toy but he is no good at sneaking into the laundry room or venturing through the sandpit, so Traction Man searches high and low for his trusty Scrubbing Brush. Can Traction Man save the day?Grey has created something brilliant with Traction Man, I hope to read more of his adventures.*I meant to say that the old potat [...]

    24. A Toy Story written in a comic tone with action commentary on torn out notepaper "Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush are on the Northwest Slope of Mt. Compost Heap". Traction Man is always equipped with lots of stuff to aid him in each death defying adventure like his “Airtight Astro-Suit” and “a bottle of SuperStrong GERMO (with Ammonia)”. Will Scrubbing Brush - his devoted pet, be replaced with the battery powered Turbo Dog? Each page is action packed and full of very busy illustrations, [...]

    25. This is a fitting sequel to Traction Man Is Here and just as hilarious. Besides Traction Man himself, the modern incarnation of the Ken doll, I especially like the domesticated dad (and his magazine Man About the House) and the naked dolls with their unruly hair that anyone with a preschooler around will recognize. In the end, Turbo Dog is appropriately emasculated, reduced to being just Turbo Lapdog, who will live in the closet with the chickens, the stray Lego pieces, and the old dolls.

    26. I adore Mini Grey - these books are best experienced pored over with a bunch of giggling children. Lots of things I love in this book - more in the pictures than in the storyline honestly. Love the oppositely stereotypical parents (Dad in apron and Mom with her circular saw). Love the compost bin as play site. And what could be better than a search down the Grand Sofa Canyon? It did after all uncover a hairy sweet. This book reminds us germophobes not to come between a boy and his toy. Rescues i [...]

    27. A good read-aloud-- "voices" required. A tribute to the lasting imaginative play inspired by everyday objects like scrubbing brush vs. battery-powered toys. Just slightly suffers from sequel syndrome. The woodworking sister remains enigmatic.Update: I think this book gets better after multiple readings. Also, the boys have taken to randomly quoting Turbo-Dog in their best robot voices: "STOP, INTRUDER! I WILL BE YOUR PET!" Mini Grey rocks!

    28. In this second installment Traction Man's sidekick Scrubbing Brush is tossed in the bin because he is beyond filthy. In his place mom and dad have purchased Turbo Dog. However, it soon becomes clear that Turbo Dog cannot replace scrubbing brush and the search is on to rescue Scrubbing Brush from the bin. Another delightful, comic-book like adventure for Traction Man. My boys just love these books and want a Traction Man for Christmas.

    29. cute story of Traction Man (a boy's toy) losing his pet scrubbing brush, only to be replaced by Turbodog, who is just not the same. Traction Man goes on a quest to find Scrubbing Brush (who has been thrown away by dad) and rescues him from the trash bin. They take a bath to clean up where Turbo Dog comes across the unfortunate accident of falling into the water, thus corroding his batteries and making scrubbing brush top dog again.

    30. Probably the best book of a delightful little series. My youngest child is captivated by the adventure of the toy Traction Man going to a strange world in search of his beloved missing pet, Scrubbing Brush. The older two understand that Scrubbing Brush has been thrown away and get wrapped up in the adventure of whether the boy will get one of his favorite toys back. My husband and I enjoy watching the hints of how the parents are struggling through this oddessy. Told with spunk and humor.

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