Bella The Bunny Fairy

Bella The Bunny Fairy Young readers can follow Bella the Bunny Fairy in this magical adventure

  • Title: Bella The Bunny Fairy
  • Author: Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper
  • ISBN: 9781846161704
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Young readers can follow Bella the Bunny Fairy in this magical adventure.

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      485 Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper
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    1 thought on “Bella The Bunny Fairy”

    1. It is Easter and Kristy and Rachel are hiding eggs for a 5 year old girl named Jane and all her friends. While the kids are looking for the eggs, a girl thinks she sees the Easter Bunny in a hole. Rachel asks how she knew it was the Easter Bunny and she said it was because it was bright pink. Then a boy sees the same thing except it's lavender. Then Jane sees still the same thing except it's bright yellow. Rachel and Kristy think it's Bella's missing bunny. Rachel and Kristy ask Mrs. Dillon (Jan [...]

    2. Okay, this should be Gabriella's review, not mine. But for any of you in search of books to read to a 5-year old girl who can't get enough of fairies, check out this series. There are tons of these books (the Rainbow Fairy books). They are chapter books with enough pages to make them feel like "big kid books", but there is a picture ON EVERY PAGE. This is a surprisingly hard-to-find combination, and it works for us (although I admit I'm a bit relieved that she has finally stopped demanding these [...]

    3. It was really badIt was really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really bad. Ingenuity focus intelligent

    4. Per my First Grade Book Club: It was funny because the goblins fell in the hole. It was fun because Bella found the bunny and took it home. I think it was awesome because it had a lot of funny things. It was good because it had some good pictures. I liked it because it had fairies and pets and especially different colored bunnies.

    5. Thanks to the recommendation of Janette Rallison, my 9 year old and I are currently reading this together. Carly didn't want to read these books at first "because they were about fairies", but she is delighted by this book, and we are having fun reading it together.It was a cute book. I liked how the cute fairy, Bella, could make the human girls down to fairy size, and then back. The goblins were pretty silly, and my daughter had fun trying to guess what the goblins were going to do next.

    6. Second book from Rainbow Magic The Pet Fairies series.I disliked this book because it had no real structure. I found it to be quite a boring read, and I was mostly skimming through it.This is the second to last book I read from a ReadByZoe 24 hour readathon. Little kids books like these probably don't count; but I'm counting little kids books.

    7. This is the second book in the Pet Fairies series by the group of author who call themselves Daisy Meadows. Our oldest is just tearing through these books and I am now picking up an entire series at a time, so she can have enough books until we go to the library again. This book was slightly different from the other series (dare I say better?!?), which is refreshing as the formula is getting a bit old. Still, our daughter loves these books, which is all I could ask for.Jan 2012 update: our young [...]

    8. once again it's not as interesting as the first book. the relationship between the pets and the fairy is superficial. the story is basic and cute and the girls are able to save the day but have to be transformed into fairies at least once in order to do so. the birthday party was a fun idea, the easter aspect was cliche.

    9. It's a bunny that could turn colors. They found this little rubber bunny that was blue and the fairy said, "Turn blue" to the real bunny and then the real bunny hopped away and they got the rubber bunny and tied a string onto it and bounced it up and down from a tree and the goblins took the rubber bunny instead of the real bunny.

    10. This is one in a series of Rainbow Magic Pet Fairies books. In this case, the story is about two human children, a pet fairy and her lost pet, and some goblins that are trying to capture the fairy's bunny.The story is fairly decent. Some of the drawings are, in my opinion, not very well done. It's an ok book, but perhaps not quite as good as some other books on fairies that I have seen.

    11. Bella the bunny fairy was a pretty great book. It is the 2nd book in the pet fairy series, and I gave it 5 Stars. I gave it 5 Stars because there were 2 girls named Rachel and Kirsty, and they have a secret that they are friends with fairies, and I like that.

    12. I read this book when I was really small, I love this book, I think I have finished reading the series, but even if i haven't then i don't think i can read it anymore, as i have grown up from fairy tales and kids book, even thought i would love to, but maybe in my spare time!

    13. I liked these books as a child and this book was about two best mates that met on holiday and discovering the bunny fairy.

    14. Good bookit was a good sequel to the first book I loved it's a good easy ready I truly recommended this book to any one who believes in fairies

    15. Bella the Bunny Fairy has lost Misty, her magical rabbit, and Jack Frost has sent his tiny goblins to capture the ting pet! Can Kirsty and Rachel help Bella and rescue Misty?

    16. my favorite part was when Bella got her bunny away from the goblins by trapping them in there own trape worst part was when the goblins trapped Rachel and Kirstyeworst chyaracter was

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