A Sangrille Christmas

A Sangrille Christmas Two years ago Leroy Sangrille a werewolf ran away from home unable to cope any with his father s abuse Since then he has found happiness and love in his boyfriend Jordan Williams A man who complet

  • Title: A Sangrille Christmas
  • Author: Mark Alders
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: ebook
  • Two years ago, Leroy Sangrille, a werewolf, ran away from home, unable to cope any with his father s abuse Since then he has found happiness and love in his boyfriend Jordan Williams A man who completes him and makes him forget about past worries His life is perfect.Or so he believesOut of the blue, Leroy gets an invitation to the traditional Sangrille ChristmasTwo years ago, Leroy Sangrille, a werewolf, ran away from home, unable to cope any with his father s abuse Since then he has found happiness and love in his boyfriend Jordan Williams A man who completes him and makes him forget about past worries His life is perfect.Or so he believesOut of the blue, Leroy gets an invitation to the traditional Sangrille Christmas Howling from his mother Jordan convinces him to go, and from that moment on, his perfect world is turned upside down as he discovers the real reason why his father was so abusive Mother Sangrille has a plan, and through her, Leroy and Jordan will discover that the secrets of the past will re shape the future in ways they would have never believed.

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    1 thought on “A Sangrille Christmas”

    1. Warning. This is hot as in "capable of burning" and as in "marked by intensity of emotion" and as in "sexually excited or exciting".Leroy and Jordan are hot in general and especially hot together. Leroy is a "big, bad twinky wolf" and everytime Jordan called him "baby face", I was melted. Mark's characters are always so sweet together, you can really tell that they love each other (and if you can't tell, you're shown).I really liked the way Leroy and Jordan supported each other before the clan a [...]

    2. Why the heck did I read a Christmas story in February?! Well, it's Mark Alders and I'm loving his work, plus it was all I had by him on my kindle at the time. And this story has nothing to do with Christmas other than it takes place at that time. Who doesn't love werewolves and vampires?! Specifically, a clan of werewolves hunting vampires in their annual Christmas event called the Howling.From the very beginning, Leroy, a runt werewolf, and Jordan's tender loving moments pulled me in. Jordan's [...]

    3. I'll admit I always love Mark's books. Have to get that out of the way first;) This one was different from the others I have read. There was a relationship already established from the start for one. I do believe that really added to the story though. I also found this one with a more humorous style to it than others I've read. I so enjoyed that:) Just like all of Mark's books the ideas are different than most books I've read recently. Overall once again I've been taken on an adventure that can [...]

    4. 5 stars because it was so different from anything else i have read and was not at all what i expected from a Christmas story. I never knew where the story was going and it as usual with Mark's stories I was laughing a lot. Also had to give it five stars because i loved Bartel, hope he gets his own story. (one that's still safe for me of course)

    5. This was really sweet and different. I didn't know who to trust. I didn't know who was bad and who was good. It is set at Christmastime but it doesn't feel at all like a Christmas story. I really liked Leroy, the twinky werewolf, and his boyfriend Jordan. Interesting twist at the end. Mark, thank you again for this gift. I enjoyed it and expect to see more stories set in this world. That is if you muse allows for it.

    6. Mark Mark MarkWhere do i begin!! I mean Fuck i am lost for words This is my fave book of yours so far!!I mean what more can i girl want, there was so much Cock, Sex, Love, Action, Drama, Every thing i Freaking love!! WOW You really should just keep writing more books like this for me PLEASE!!! (view spoiler)[I love all the Docking,And the foreskin!! YUM YUM!! But you had me freaking worried for like 5mins when Bartel, was letting the boys he Loved his brother and would take him for him self!! *P [...]

    7. The perfect book to top off my holiday reading! I couldn't put this one down because I just couldn't wait to see what would happen on the next page, and the one after that, and theyou get the idea!!!Mark is such a fascinating storyteller. I'm continually amazed by the unexpected twists and turns that are core to his stories - even though I know better! I loved that this one started with an established relationship between Leroy and Jordan because we got to witness an outpouring of love and affec [...]

    8. This book was really good and it hooked me right from the start. Leroy and Jordan's love for one another was really endearing. All the characters were interesting. I am having a hard time writing this review without it being filled with spoilers. I will just say that the plot twists will have you reading as fast as you can to figure out what's going on. My emotions were all over the place reading this book. I was frustrated and pissed off while being equally sad and then happy. It was a great re [...]

    9. Mark always, ALWAYS, writes such different stories. They're often a little bit left of centre, but never fail to be imaginative and well written. This one was definitely a memorable Christmas read :) If you're looking for something just a little darker, and most definitely raunchy, check this one out this holiday season. I guarantee you'll look at Christmas dinner just a little differently :)

    10. I was warned that this was not a typical shifter story. I didn't believe because, really how different could you be? Who knew? For one, I was sorta pissed off that Leroy was going home for the holiday. WHO cares if you get an invitation from a sadistic abusive family? You don't let the love of your life talk you into going home and you certainly don't take said love of your life home with when 1) Daddy dearest wants to kill you 2) werewolves hate (maybe a strong word but I am keeping it) humans. [...]

    11. 5 very enthusiastic stars for Mark's latest whirlwind tale of love, action, and thrills. I really enjoyed all of the characters (even Mother Sangrille at the end). It was definitely worth the wait!

    12. 1.5 stars, rounding up to 2Man, I just don't understand the high average rating for this story at ALL. The thing is ridiculous. I mean, I had to laugh out loud at the part where the psychotic head of the pack is supposed to have (view spoiler)[forcibly circumcised not just one, but **two** ADULT MEN IN THEIR SLEEP (hide spoiler)]. Give me a fuckin' break here. LOL!!Yes, believe it or not, this IS a Christmas story. The Christmas part comes in when the two MCs are invited back to the ancestral pa [...]

    13. As unusual as all of Mark’s other stories, this Christmas tale is an imaginative feast of the senses. Well, except for some of the more cruel scenes and situations to be expected when dealing with werewolves and vampires – especially when they’re not the ‘tame’ kind found in some romance books. I thought showing some of that was an interesting variation and one that I should have expected from a writer as creative as Mark. Leroy is a fairly well adjusted werewolf, considering the abuse [...]

    14. This is a little different from most shifter stories because the family structure and relationships are a little outside the typical shifter genre. There are also some parts of the story that just didn't feel right - not because it was poorly written, but because it is a little outside my normally very wide comfort zone. I did enjoy the relationship between the two main characters, but some of the story line just didn't quite work for me. (view spoiler)[ Part of the Christmas / Howler celebratio [...]

    15. Wow, this was so unlike any other shifter story I have read and I loved it. With this story I think it is a case of - expect the unexpected! Just when you think you know what is going on or about to happen Mark throws a curve ball and twists things up. The main characters are both very likeable and supportive of each other throughout the whole story. The supporting characters, well, lets just say they were the reason this story worked so well.

    16. Reviewed by:LexiGenre: M/M ParanormalRated: 5 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    17. This was very strange. Werewolves, vampires, & Christmas gatherings. Even with all that, this was still very much a fetish story about foreskin.

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