Alan and Naomi

Alan and Naomi When Naomi a refugee child from Nazi occupied Paris who acts crazy moves into Alan Silverman s building in New York he does his best to avoid her They slowly develop a deep and touching friendship

  • Title: Alan and Naomi
  • Author: Myron Levoy
  • ISBN: 9780064402095
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Naomi, a refugee child from Nazi occupied Paris who acts crazy, moves into Alan Silverman s building in New York, he does his best to avoid her They slowly develop a deep and touching friendship which is a joy in this warming story with its heart wrenching ending.One of the honest approaches to the repercussions of WW II SLJFanfare Honor List The HorWhen Naomi, a refugee child from Nazi occupied Paris who acts crazy, moves into Alan Silverman s building in New York, he does his best to avoid her They slowly develop a deep and touching friendship which is a joy in this warming story with its heart wrenching ending.One of the honest approaches to the repercussions of WW II SLJFanfare Honor List The Horn Book 1978 Children s Books of 1977 Library of Congress 1969 1992 Best of the Best Books for Young Adults

    Alan and Naomi Rotten Tomatoes Alan is a typically streetwise Brooklyn teenager of the s Naomi is a French Jewish refugee of Nazi oppression Ever since witnessing the murder of her father, Naomi has remained in a Why Such a Surge of Worldwide Anti Semitism, by Alan WHY SUCH A SURGE OF WORLDWIDE ANTI SEMITISM by ALAN DERSHOWITZ Why are so many of the grandchildren of Nazis and Nazi collaborators who brought us the Holocaust once again declaring war on the Jews Why have we seen such an increase in anti Semitism and irrationally ALAN Award ALAN Online Almost from its inception, ALAN has given the ALAN Award to honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of adolescent literature. Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal ne Achs born March , is an American screenwriter, director, and former wife of Stephen Gyllenhaal.She is the mother of actors Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal Alan Ball screenwriter Alan Erwin Ball born May , is an American writer, director, and producer for television, film, and theater. He wrote the screenplay for American Beauty, for which he earned an Academy Award He also created the series Six Feet Under and True Alan Hale, Jr nndb St Vincent s Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA Thymus cancer Father Alan Hale, Sr actor, b , d Sister Karen Hale Wookey script supervisor, b Feb , d Sep Wife Naomi Hale m Aug , until his death High School Hollywood High School, Hollywood, CA Hollywood Walk of Fame Hollywood Blvd television Risk Factors Obesity Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell, Actress Zoolander Naomi Campbell was born on May , in Streatham, London, England She is an actress and producer, known for Zoolander , I Feel Pretty and To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar Naomi s Inn BB Bed and Breakfast Main Page Naomi s Inn Bed and Breakfast is a fresh take on an old idea Vintage and modern styles blend together with updated amenities to make your stay comfortable. MPavilion MPavilion MPavilion is Australia s leading architecture commission, and a cultural laboratory for the community to engage and share In , the sixth MPavilion in an ongoing series is designed by Australian architect Glenn Murcutt AO. Old Maps of Liverpool history, Bootle, Aintree, Toxteth This is our coverage of the City of Liverpool.Liverpool, historically in Lancashire, was a borough in the th century It became a City in and a County Borough in .

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    1 thought on “Alan and Naomi”

    1. I loved this book, with a caveat I mention below. It reminds me of books I read in late middle school, but a quite a bit heavier than what I got back then, and I appreciate the newer books (even one this old) for that reason. I wish that it had been published a dozen years earlier because I'd have loved it back when I was 10-12. If I was on a normal reading schedule, this is a book I could read in a day or two, and I think it would have been more satisfying to read it through in a sitting or two [...]

    2. Ich hab’s geschafft! Nach 5 Jahren habe ich endlich ein Buch auf Deutsch gelesen. Dass es ein oft langweiliges Kinderbuch ist, macht mir nicht aus. Das Schwierigste war mich zu zwingen, jeden Tag ein bisschen zu lesen, denn ich hätte natürlich etwas anderes viel schneller auf Englisch lesen können. Eigentlich war die Geschichte nicht schlecht, bis ich zum enttäuschenden Ende kam.

    3. "Alan and Naomi " or my prefered title, "L'oiseau jaune", is about love, friendship, betrayal and lossis book is definetly underrated. Alot of people label this book in the "youth" genre, underestimating it. The book explains the difficulty of life that Jewish people had during the second world war, even if they lived in a different continent. It's frightening to see how the persecution of Jews in Europe affected jewish lives all over the world, destroying everything they had. It's incredibly mo [...]

    4. Alan is a Jew that lives in the 1940s in New York City and deals with antisemitism from some of the boys that he plays stickball with. Naomi is a refugee from France; she's scared, lonely, and very paranoid. She also has a habit of ripping pieces of paper until her fingers bleed, which is directly connected to her post-traumatic stress. The novel is basically about Alan and how is mother, at first, forces him to befriend Naomi, except he actually ends up enjoying the companionship. He finds hims [...]

    5. This has got to be one of the finest young adult Holocaust books ever written. It illustrates the dynamics of mass hatred perfectly. That's because the setting is not WWII Europe but a small New York City public school. That scaling down is what makes it all so clear.Naomi is a Holocaust survivor who comes to live with her cousins in New York. Her cousin Alan is in her school, and he takes it on himself to show her around and bring her out of her shell. Amazingly, he succeeds, but an anti-Semite [...]

    6. Inhalt: "Naomi, ein 12-jähriges jüdisches Mädchen, ist mit seiner Mutter aus Frankreich nach New York geflohen; den Vater haben die Deutschen getötet. Dieses Erlebnis hat Naomi tief verstört. Nun wird Alan gebeten sich ein wenig um sie zu kümmern. Der sportbegeisterte Junge übernimmt nur widerwillig die Aufgabe. Aber allmählich gelingt es ihm Zugang zu Naomi zu finden ihr Schweigen zu lösen und eine Beziehung zu ihr aufzubauen. Doch dieser Heilungsprozess wird durch ein schwerwiegendes [...]

    7. 4.5 stars. Der gelbe Vogel is definitely one of the most hauntingly beautiful, sad, and moving books I have ever encountered.I read Der gelbe Vogel in German, back when I was still relatively young, and it absolutely shattered my heart. The ending literally left me speechless and hollow inside, and I remember begging my sister for the sequel of this book, unwilling to believe it didn't exist.There are few books that will stay with you and haunt you forever - Der gelbe Vogel is one of them.

    8. Ich habe das nicht erwartet.Ich bin ganz wörterlos. Alles hat mir gefallen. Alles. Die Freundschaft von Alan und Shaun war so rein ind hübsh, sie waren Brüder, sie hatten eine Bruederschaft, verstehen sie mir? Ich hatte diese Freundshaft so ernst, weil sie an die Geschichte meiner Brüderschaft mit meiner besten Freundin errinnern lassen.Und dieses Ende Das habe ich wirklich nicht erwartet! Ich habe ein schönes und glückliches Ende erwartet und was habe ich bekommen!? Tränen! Trotzdem war [...]

    9. I read this book as a teen and loved it. It was the first book I can remember that had me sobbing as i turned the pages. When I saw that it came back into print i snatched up a copy and have reread it at least a half dozen times over the years. A great story of young love between a boy and girl from different worlds in post world war two.

    10. I haven't read this since I was a teenager, some 30 years ago, and back then I read it several times. Now, as an adult, I found myself just as enchanted, and more perceptive as to the sheer poetry of the words, succinct, capturing ageless teenage emotions, issues, thoughts. It's a beautiful book, one that will touch your soul. One of my all time favourite books! xxx

    11. I first read this book in middle school and happily came across it again in the Florida Holocaust Museum's library. As an adult I admire how Myron Levoy describes characters and conveys their world through word choices, descriptions, and how they interact. It is a well-written piece of fiction and a deeply touching one.

    12. One of the most beautifully written books I've ever read. Alan meets Naomi when she moves into his building after her family escapes from the Nazis.Reluctant at first to befriend her, the bond that grows between the two of them is something readers will not soon forget.

    13. I read this first when I was in Junior High, such a sweet and poignant story about anti-semitism through the point of view of a young boy. beautifully written.

    14. Personally, I didn't like this book all that much. The ending was horrible and to me, any book with a horrible ending is a bad book.

    15. A great novel about the effects of the holocaust on survivors. It made me ugly cry and the ending stayed with me. I'm still a little devastated. When I try to describe what this book is about to friends, I start getting teary. This book is for junior high schoolers but it gets really dark and heavy.

    16. I watched the movie a couple of months ago, and I was hoping the book ended differently, being a young adult book. Nope, it didn't. But it was very good, very enlightening regarding the trauma war can have on children.

    17. PTSD Have you ever wondered why certain people deal with lifelong illnesses? In the book, Alan and Naomi, written by Myron Levoy, Naomi suffers from severe PTSD. This novel is fiction and takes place during the war in Europe. Naomi and her mother move into an apartment in Alan's building. Naomi is deeply disturbed (she watched her dad be beaten to death by the Nazis) and Alan is asked to make contact with her. Alan doesn’t have much interest in Naomi, but they gradually form a friendship. At s [...]

    18. I find this story bittersweet. It's about the friendship of two Jewish children Alan and Naomi and it is set in the 1940s New York City. Alan, a native of New York met Naomi, a French Jew and refugee, through being neighbors in the same apartment building. What I can clearly recall from the story is Naomi's eccentricity with her hiding mostly underneath her bed and ripping pieces of paper without any reason for it, and when Alan found her doing this, he became curious of her. Eventually, Alan fo [...]

    19. I first read this waaay back in elementary school. It's still as good as I remembered. At the request of his parents, Alan befriends Naomi, a refuge from France who witnessed tragedy at the hands of the Nazi's and is now unable to function in society. At first, he is reluctant to help, but soon finds himself enjoying Naomi and their friendship. Alan is more self aware than most 12 year old boys, and Naomi is equally endearing. Reading about Naomi's relapse is beyond and frustrating. I guess I wa [...]

    20. This was an interesting story. You get a sense of the emotional struggles of the title characters. It was common for the Jews who survived WWII to re-integrate into society. After the traumatic experiences that they went through, they felt like they couldn't trust people. As you read this book, you get a sense of the extreme emotional trauma that Naomi had gone through during the war in Europe.There are some happy parts in the book, though. You get to see Naomi come out of her shell by allowing [...]

    21. I first read this book in middle school. When I started teaching sixth grade, and heard I could set up the curriculum how I wanted, I immediately bought a class set of this book. It is beautiful and tragic. One year, I had my class write epilogues because they were so devastated by the ending and we sent them to Myron Levoy with personal letters. He actually wrote us back, thanked us for writing, and told us why he chose to end the book the way he did. It is a hard book for my kids to come to te [...]

    22. Myron Levoy's Alan and Naomi is a hopeful story about the power of friendship as well as a tragic story about what war can do to children.Every once in a while it feels necessary to have two copies of the same book.That is: one in the language I originally read the book in, oftentimes that is Dutch, and one in the original language it was published in. I am by no means implying now that the Dutch translation of Alan and Naomi I read in 1981 lacked, as it did not, but sometimes reading the origin [...]

    23. Youth literature book--originally in English. A boy in New York (set during WW2) has a neighbor girl who is a refugee from France, who saw her father beaten by the Nazis. She doesn't talk--only shreds papers The neighbors ask if he would talk with her. He starts with a puppet and a long time passes until they become friends and she can actually go to school. Everything seems to go well until they walk to school and a bully beats up Alan (and he is quite bloody). Naomi runs away--and has a relaps [...]

    24. I remember one of my 6th grade teachers reading this to as a class. I remember thinking it was an amazing story (and may have even reread it then or in junior high). It took place in New York City during World War II. Alan is coerced by his parents to hangout with Naomi each day after school. Naomi is a French refuge who has witnessed the horrors of the Nazis. She will not talk to anyone. Overtime, Naomi. begins to talk to Alan and they become friends. But this is a World War II story, can it po [...]

    25. I stumbled across this book and was prepared to "weed" it from my collection. After reading the back cover, however, I decided to read it and then make my decision. I have read a lot of Holocaust literature over the years and this is one I would hesitate to recommend. The storyline was way too slow to evolve and then the ending was too abrupt and unresolved. I won't b weeding it but cannot see myself recommending it, either. Really on the fence with this one.

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