Seeking Sanctuary

Seeking Sanctuary A tale of enveloping encapsulating suspense a deliciously unsettling story of fractured lives revenge and how the devil can conjure the most brilliant of disguises

  • Title: Seeking Sanctuary
  • Author: Frances Fyfield
  • ISBN: 9780751533392
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • A tale of enveloping, encapsulating suspense a deliciously unsettling story of fractured lives, revenge and how the devil can conjure the most brilliant of disguises.

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    1 thought on “Seeking Sanctuary”

    1. This book could have been interesting if it hadn't been so deathly boring. Francis was shiveringly evil at times, but then at other times he was simply ridiculous. I also guessed his ~*secret identity*~ very early on, so that wasn't a surprise. Neither was Anna's mystery caller (although I protest at how that was even POSSIBLE when it's illegal to fake your death etc -- where did he get a body from, for goodness' sake? And his will at the beginning, what the hell, how immature can you get). The [...]

    2. I have been trying to remember the title of this book and just found it out. Two sisters, young women orphaned at an early age by a mother who was also a religious zealot, are threatened by an angelic appearing gardener in this odd little novel. Much of the action takes place in convent, where one sister serves as a novice. The other sister, equally confused by the larger world but committed to becoming more than a spectator, is much more skeptical than her novice sister and trusts no one (in ad [...]

    3. Anna and Therese had a difficult childhood as their mother was a religious fanatic, who succeeded in driving away their father. Now she is dead and Therese has joined the local convent (full of very elderly nuns) as a novice, while Anna has escaped to lead a relatively normal life, although she is still close to the convent and Therese. Then the convent employs a new, handsome young gardener and, although most of the nuns adore him, Anna is suspicious. An overwhelming sense of threatening evil p [...]

    4. Oh dear. Third disappointing book in a row, and the more so because Frances Fyfield rarely disappoints. But the characters in this, the convent setting, took the story downhill all the way from the excellent opening and it was hard for me to sustain any interest.The writing was, of course, as good as ever, which is why I did finish it.

    5. You can tell Fyfield practiced law when you read this. It is compelling with two twins: one a nun and the other anything but. Of course, there are the usual struggles with God and with the devil (a young man in this case). Good book. Dark and suspenseful. And different than anything I've read. I don't like all of Fyfield's stuff, but this one is great.

    6. France's Fyfield must be the best writer of psychological thrillers around. Not her best but still way ahead of most others. Great plot, fascinating characters and subtle, complex intelligent writing.

    7. Disappointing. Fyfield's sense of place - one of the things usually so intriguing in her work - isn't apparent in this book and none of the characters comes to life. And the "twist" is too unsubtle.

    8. A not so very mysterious mystery. It wasn't bad, but all the story twists (such as there were) were quite easy to guess and the characters weren't fleshed out very well.

    9. At first I thought I was going to like this book; however, as it wound its way slowly to the end it became quite lame and I had to push myself to finish it.

    10. I am giving up at a third of the way through. It is a crime novel and the crime still hasn't happened and I am not interested enough to wait for it.

    11. La couverture et le titre sont bizarrement choisis. C'est une réflexion sur la foi et les secrets de famille, pas une histoire d'horreur.

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