After All

After All She was America s darling actress producer star of the golden age of television Her work on The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show garnered multiple Emmys followed by critical acclaim

  • Title: After All
  • Author: Mary Tyler Moore
  • ISBN: 9780440223030
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • She was America s darling actress, producer, star of the golden age of television Her work on The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show garnered multiple Emmys, followed by critical acclaim for her acting on Broadway and in film Now, in her witty, candid, heartbreaking autobiography, Mary Tyler Moore tells all, aboute Dick Van Dyke nobody knowsElvis,She was America s darling actress, producer, star of the golden age of television Her work on The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show garnered multiple Emmys, followed by critical acclaim for her acting on Broadway and in film Now, in her witty, candid, heartbreaking autobiography, Mary Tyler Moore tells all, aboute Dick Van Dyke nobody knowsElvis, her sly, seductive co star in Change of Habit Carl Reiner taught her to cry while being funnyRobert Redford s confession after casting her in Ordinary Peopleabout then First Lady Betty Ford s inebriated debut on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and years later, her phone call that saved Mary s life.Mary spares nothing as she recounts her traumatic childhood, two failed marriages, her own alcoholism, the tragic death of her son, and her third, happy marriage to a cardiologist eighteen years her junior Moving, inspiring, and brutally frank, After All will touch every reader s heart and soul.

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    1. I enjoyed this book. A few months ago I was perusing the DVD selection at the library and ended up bringing home season 1 of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Having piqued my curiosity of this beautiful, charismatic woman, I sought out her autobiography. Moore took a candid approach in the telling of her life story, choosing to share not only her successes and triumphs, but also her heartaches and regrets as well. It was fascinating to me. For a woman who craved acceptance and approval, particularly f [...]

    2. I wanted to read this after learning of the death of Mary Tyler Moore. I wish she had gone into more detail about some of the more fascinating experiences she divulged in the book. She started out giving lots of detail of her "growing up" years, but then seemed to "race" through her later years.

    3. What an incredibly honest and reflective book. It’s very well written and penned without a professional ghost writer, which makes it all the more impressive. I’ve always had a deep admiration for Mary Tyler Moore and loved her as Laura Petrie and would, to this day, prefer to watch Dick Van Dyke rerun to almost any new show. And as with probably every single woman who came of age in the 1970s I wanted to be Mary Richards. The private life and pain of Mary Tyler Moore is sketched here with re [...]

    4. An astonishingly well-written memoir (sans ghostwriter) that is sharply witty and scorchingly candid. Perhaps the best Hollywood memoir that I have ever read.

    5. Laura Petrie and Mary Richards were very likable characters. Mary Tyler Moore--not so much. This book was depressing.

    6. This book kept my attention, but I confess I was disappointed sometimes. No, I didn't expect Mary to be perfect, but I also didn't expect her to acknowledge that she never had time for her son while he was growing up. She indicated that she wouldn't have an affair with Dick Cavett because he was too short, never appearing to consider that maybe he didn't want to have an affair with her. She seemed to always need a man in her life, and she threw a lot of tantrums.On facing pages, she talked about [...]

    7. I really enjoy reading auto-biographies and I love Mary Tyler Moore. My favorite parts were when she talked about the Dick Van Dyke show and all the "behind the scenes" fun. I was saddened by the hard life she led and the choices that she ended up making. I was also happy to see that she was willing to get the help she needed and to work through many of her problems. Her story gave me new perspective and also courage to face the things I need to in my own life.

    8. I really liked this book. A good insight into a person's life that you would assume to be perfect. This book proves otherwise, though. She is still an amazing personjust not perfect! I think it makes her even more likeable. I enjoyed getting to hear about all of her treks through the show business world. Very entertaining.

    9. Girl seeking Daddy's approval - checkMolested as a child - checkAlcoholic mother - checkWhen she writes in the beginning that this book isn't about "Mary," she's right. If you don't have a lot of patience, you'll give up before it gets good.This book doesn't hit its stride until the middle.And then it's not much of a stride.

    10. An interesting read, and it's the second time I've read this. There are a lot of jumping around and coming back, it's not so much a biography as little memories in such. Sometimes I felt things weren't explained and we the readers were supposed to know about it, like her being friends with Betty White. It just came out of no where that she was.

    11. This the worst book I have ever read. I thought based on her comedic skills that it would be uplifting. The tone was so negative, everyone else was to blame. I stopped reading before Richie's suicide, and then leafed through to the end.

    12. I am enjoying reading about the "other' side of Mary Tyler Moore and the issues she struggled with as she approached adulthood.Interesting and a little different than what I usually read.

    13. Written by Moore back in 1995 when she was 59, this is her life story, touching on her many professional accomplishments and highlights and lowlights on her personal life. A good read for fans--I learned lots of interesting factoids: • In her book, she outs herself as brooding, paranoid, perfectionistic, and pessimistic. Say it ain’t so, Mair! A sample quote about a childhood dance recital: “I remember thinking that my job was to take a group of people who really didn’t like me, and show [...]

    14. First of all, I very rarely write an actual review to accompany the books I have read--specifically, on this site, I believe I have only done it once--but this autobiography calls for the special occasion to write one.I first read Mary Tyler Moore's autobiography a few years ago and recently re-read it. I tore through it in two days (it would have been one day had I not had homework assignments to complete). There are very few books, of any genre, that have truly stuck with me, but this is one o [...]

    15. The Mary Tyler Moore Show is one of my all-time favorites, so it seemed about time that I read Mary Tyler Moore's memoir. The book starts out cute enough, with MTM having a conversation with her T.V. alter ego, Mary Richards. Real life Mary admits her reticence at exposing her flaws in the face of the all-too-perfect character that's come to be adored by the public. And while it's true that it would be impossible for the actress to measure up to the unrealistically good Mary Richards, it's not t [...]

    16. I started out mostly liking Mary Tyler Moore. She had a rough childhood with alcoholic, cold parents, so she was essentially neglected. Daddy issues, molested, the usual Hollywood story. Then I really didn't like her, but she got better after rehab. And this quote:"In those days I was, like most working mothers, eager to join the movement and proclaim our right and our need to express ourselves, to be fulfilled and happy knowing that every ounce of our creativity was being used. And that it was [...]

    17. I'd no idea she was this fascinating in private life, nor so shockingly, and bravely honest, ethical, and kind-hearted. She wrote this herself, with no ghostwriter, and it's evident she could've done just about anything she set her mind to, because it's very well written; with depth, insight, humour, and unfailing honesty about some horrendous experiences. It closes with one of the most beautiful passages I've ever read, about an albino horse with blue eyes, not deemed purebred, nor worthy of an [...]

    18. "Anyway, everyone gets something, and nobody gets everything, and that's the way it is."I grew up watching Mary Tyler Moore on Nick at Nite - both The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the latter of which I own on DVD - and I cried actual real tears when I heard that she died. But for all of my history with Moore, I knew nothing of her real life. Her memoir, which she wrote without the use of a ghostwriter, tells that story, in brutal, awe-inspiring honesty. Like every life, hers [...]

    19. I like memoirs and I adore Mary Tyler Moore, so I guess I was predisposed to enjoy this book. Unlike some celebrity autobiographies, Moore finds a nice balance between "behind the scenes" glimpses into her working life and candid discussions of her personal life. It's well written, in spite of a few melodramatic turns of phrase I'll blame either on a ghost writer with a penchant for heavy-handed metaphor or on the fact that Moore is an actress, not a writer. Moore's self-analysis can get repetit [...]

    20. Since I've discovered re-runs of The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Netflix and Hulu, I couldn't resist my curiosity to read MTM's first autobiography published twenty-five years ago. Expecting a very bucolic read about a pretty face, I was refreshingly surprised at how much pain and loss Mary has had to endure in her life. I found her ability to face her difficult childhood, the loss of her son, and the addictions she had to conquer quite brave and self-aware. Just her debi [...]

    21. I was surprised at the serious nature of the book, as I had no idea what kind of life Ms. Moore had lived. She focused a great deal on her childhood, but since that had such an overarching impact on her adult life, it was certainly worth exploring. She was candid and concise. This is not a tell all book, so don't bother if that is what you were hoping for. I was touched by her honest assessment of her own shortfalls. I should be so brave. No, this is not a complex epistle on the life and times o [...]

    22. A candid autobiography from one of television's favorite straight women. I really liked it at first but then it digressed to so-so. Too much breadth; too little depth. I think I'm giving up on celebrity biographies. So much of it seemed to be looking back, not living in--told, not lived. I wanted more blow-by-blow memories of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. but it only had the tiniest handful.I do think she's a totally cool person. If anyone deserves to write an autobiography, it's she. I wonder if s [...]

    23. Mary Tyler Moore was a great dramatic actor and I wish she could have taken on more roles where she could shine, but she was often cast as the dingbat actress. Her personal life was full of tragic loss, alcoholism, infidelity, and a 3-pack-a -day habit. As the beginning of the book explains, she really was nothing like Mary Richards or Laura Petrie, and she was worried about letting the world know that she was not a very likable person at times. I did appreciate how much courage it took to let t [...]

    24. Between reruns of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and reruns of the "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (both of which still hold up today), Mary Tyler Moore was a big part of my childhood, so I was looking forward to reading this book. She was honest and open about her flaws as a parent; the deep insecurities that dogged her most of her life; her battles with alcohol addiction; and a life full of some of the most devastating losses one can imagine. But don't worry; there are plenty of entertaining show biz st [...]

    25. A book of very short chapters--like a journal of short entries she wrote about memories and anecdotes. She could have used a co-writer to give it a little more polish and flow. I have to say that she doesn't come off as a very likeable person--self-centered and callous was the impression I got. It did sound like her parents were very difficult--maybe if she delved a little more into her relationship with them a little more sympathy could have been built up.

    26. It was very well written with a lot of depth. She told of her struggles with her childhood, marriages, and alcoholism and being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age. . Some parts were very serious but it also had a lot of humor when she was relating working on Dick Van Dyke SHow". After reading the book I took away an understanding that there was a lot more to this girl "with spunk". I recommend it highly.

    27. I very much enjoyed this book. Ms Moore really put a lot of herself in each page. I was entertained, amused, saddened, surprised and felt informed when I got to the end. Autobiographies are many times self-serving for entertainers, they think they have to be "on" all the time. In some cases truth eludes these writers. I felt this was some serious soul searching and gave me another perspective on Mary Tyler Moore. I'm glad I read it and would recommend it to anyone.

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