Highland Warrior

Highland Warrior Fleeing an obsessed suitor Fiona MacEnroy rides recklessly into Scotland s wildest hills and is captured by a horde of well armed men Instead of battling for her life she finds herself swept away b

  • Title: Highland Warrior
  • Author: Hannah Howell
  • ISBN: 9780821779859
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Fleeing an obsessed suitor, Fiona MacEnroy rides recklessly into Scotland s wildest hills and is captured by a horde of well armed men, Instead of battling for her life, she finds herself swept away by a powerful stranger and carried off to a remote, forbidding keep.

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    1. 4.5 Stars easy!Oh man! I've been in a highlanders funk ever since I dipped my toes in the historical genre and was introduced to Julie Garwood. Nothing was quite holding my attention. Slump over! New hunky set of highlander alphas found! While not as funny as Garwood I loved this new family (and extended family!). Nothing like a good ol' multi clan web to get you all tangled up and dying for more. I've already gone all the way back to book one to start at the beginning. There were so many second [...]

    2. Обожавам я!Толкова много ми хареса, че сигурно ще я препрочитам още много пъти! <3 <3 <3

    3. Наистина, ама наистина обичам тази книга. Всеки път като я прочета си спомням защо толкова много я обичам. Прелестна книга, която оставя читателя изпълнен с толкова емоции. Обожавам я.Фиона Макенрой, сестра на Конър Макенрой Highland Bride и Дърмот Макенрой от Highland Groom иска едно ед [...]

    4. "I dinnae need sweet words. I dinnae need flatteries, poetry, song, or gifts. I just need ye to tell me every now and again that ye love me." p.348, loc.4252Author: Hannah HowellFirst published: 2004Length: 384 pages, 4459 locationsSetting: Scotland, 1472.Sex: frequent, reasonably erotic. Light bondage (she ties him up).Heroine: Has been chased, and caught, by a MadMon who could not take a nay to marriage. Each capture resulted in a planned scar (including on her face) and threat of rape.Hero: H [...]

    5. This was an alright story. It is predictable and nothing really surprising happens. It is like its predecessors. One thing that it is better than others though, is that the hero finally falls for the heroine early on. Of course, the heroine falls for him early on too, as always. It just puts them both in even ground unlike prior books where she pines for him. The story revolves around Fiona and Ewan. Fiona is travelling alone after being cooped up and coddled in her brother's keep. She had been [...]

    6. Book Review- Highland Master by Hannah HowellTriona McKee is a window and Laird to Banuilt. She is trying hard to take care of her people after the fever took many and the men went to France to earn some coin. Most of the people left behind are women and children. The only men left behind are either too old or too young to be properly trained. Her neighbor Sir John is not happy that she holds her late husband’s land. He wants it and her. So he is trying to force her to give up her land by marr [...]

    7. If I had a beef about this series it would be that too much of it is kind of formula. Heroine is a tiny but spunky woman with a problem. Hero is a giant with a history that leads him to think All Women Are Evil, so that he'll resist caring and do stupid stuff until he Almost Loses Her and Sees the Light. Too Good To Be True heroine keeps getting her feelings hurt, but once she learns the reason he's such a jerk, she sympathizes and puts up with his crap because she's determined to win his heart. [...]

    8. SYNOPSISBattle between the MacKenna clan and the MacKay clan. Sunclair clan is allie to the Mackay clan.A marriage agreement to bring MacKenna and MacKay clans together and end the battle.Seana is a trouble maker and will play to any side for her advantageAngus always up to his dirty tricksRoss is stabbed; Gillian is exiledGillian goes after Angus to kill him and is capturedAngus and his warrior kin go to Edinberg to become mercenaries for the King.Sinclair Keep is abandoned and reclaimed as Wic [...]

    9. Fiona is a feisty young woman raised by her brothers. She isn’t very ladylike but trained in weapons. She is quite a healer. All in all she is a tomboy. I loved that she didn’t cower when surround by Ewan and his brothers instead she choose to show them what she wasn’t a helpless female. While being a hostage she continued to be herself and stuck to her guns. Ewan is a quiet man who is the laird of a clan who seems to have enemies at every turn. He has many brothers who depend on him for e [...]

    10. Fiona MacEnroy is tired of being cooped up behind the walls of her keep and hiding from a madman determined to scar and ruin her. She accidentally wanders too far from home and is found by Ewan MacFingal and his clan. Taken back to the MacFingal keep to be ransomed, Fiona refuses to reveal her clan. Ewan knows there are many enemies surrounding him and is slightly suspicious of Fiona and hardens his heart against her. But having succumbed to temptation and taking Fiona's virtue, the two are wed. [...]

    11. I really like this story. I really liked Fiona MacEnroy's sense of humor and her cheerful disposition, especially considering her circumstances. Fiona was a strong woman who knew what she wanted when it came to love. Both Fiona and Ewan were physically scared. Fiona’s scars came from the hand of a fanatical and obsessive madman stalking her. For her protection her family keep her within the 4 walls of their keep. After riding off on her unruly horse, she soon becomes lost and falls into the ha [...]

    12. Ewan MacFingal is somewhat similar to Connor MacEnroy from Highland Bride. However, I found his story less annoying to read. Although Fiona wants Ewan to make her "yell", less attention is paid to that in this story so you don't feel as embarrassed for the heroine. Fiona is a good, strong female who actually can handle herself with a sword; the only downside is that she is so small that she would be very unlikely to win against a well-trained man. However, Howell does avoid making a lot of claim [...]

    13. This story is about Fiona MacEnroy. She is the little sister to Connor MacEnroy ("Highland Bride" with Gillyanne Murray). In "Highland Bride," she is a young girl (tomboy). She is all grown-up here, but since she was the youngest of a bunch of boys that had to raise themselves in Scotland, she learned how to defend herself--with knives. LOL She refuses to tell Ewan her last name, so he nicknames her Fiona with 11 knives because that's how many knives he found on her. This book was funny! She enc [...]

    14. Highland Warrior tells the story of Fiona MacEnroy, the tomboy sister we met in previous books. And yep, I read the book in about 1-2 days, and yes, it was that good. Although I've thoroughly enjoyed most, if not all, of the books in this series, I really enjoyed this book. Not only did I love the characters Fiona and Ewan, but I loved revisiting some of the characters from the previous books. I also liked the humor and action, and would be remiss if I didn't admit to loving the romance of the s [...]

    15. I cannot believe I just found this wonderful book on my shelf. It was the first book I ever read by author, Hannah Howell. She spoke at an all-day conference in Concord, New Hampshire in May 2007 (she dated her signature inside!) I came away with not only this book, but the yearning to 'write just like her'. 10 published books later, I still look back with gratitude. This historically accurate romance has hard-boiled men tamed by women raised in the Highlands, and I loved it! It will be on my sh [...]

    16. Okay, Hannah Howell is an author that you can only take in small doses. Though her books are good they are all EXACTLY THE SAME. In fact I think I could even write a book for her now that I have read enough. Same book just different characters. In this book both the hero and heroine have scars on their face. But the hero is way more self conscious of it than the heroine is of hers. But anyhoo, the book was ok. As was the highland book before it and the one before that one. And the one before tha [...]

    17. In the ninth novel about the Murray clan and their circle, Fiona, sister to Connor who married Gillyanne Murray, loses her way in the Highlands and falls into the hands of the MacFingals. Ewan MacFingal attempts to find out her clan, which she with holds. She does find herself drawn to him and so romance blooms again. (If the Highlands were anything like these novels portray, it was indeed a lusty, happy existence) Eventually they marry and love reveals itself. Pleasant but not too memorable, wh [...]

    18. This book is exactly what you would expect from a Highlander bodice ripper. The writing is okay--the author over-explains EVERYTHING. Even though the formula of each of these books is the same, I can't stop reading them for the guilty pleasure that they are. Fiona is one of my favorites of the series. Just know going in that it's very formulaic, easily predictable, but a nice way to enjoy some time in the Highlands.

    19. I really enjoyed this one--Ewan was so sweet but scared wondering how someone like Fiona could ever love him. I also thought the relationship between Fiona and his father Simon was hilarious and added depth to an overall plot line Howell has done many times. I was also delighted to see the return of Sigimor and was hoping that there would be a book to tell his love story. When I checked, I was happy to see that it is the next one--can't wait to read it!

    20. Fiona left home to evade a dangerous man who knew where she was, when Ewan found her and decided to kidnap and ransom her for money to help his clan. Her knowledge of how to fight and use a sword entrigues him while his feelings for her worry him. She finds her place in his clan, and love in his arms. Good read!!

    21. A wonderful read of Fiona who is Conners young sister and Gillys sister by marriage and Ewan. Ewan captures Fiona and finds she is carrying knife after knife on her body. There is a story behind those knives and you'll love the name they give her. A great read, especially when all the different family branches verge on Ewan and his family of misfits!!

    22. A mysterious woman alone wielding knives is a most interesting start to the book. I found this to be a most enjoyable read. It made me laugh many times and I really couldn't put it down. For the most part, I liked most of the characters. Although there were times when Ewan drove me crazy with his strange ideas. All in all, a fun read that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

    23. I thought I figured out how this book would end with a certain villain catching Fiona and Ewan rescuing her and they fall into each others' arms declaring their undying love. Wrong! The certain villain died halfway through the book and although it was a Happy Ever After, it was enough of a surprise that it kept me interested. Not my favorite heroine, but likeable. Good book! 3-1/2 stars.

    24. A good historical romance with its fair share of fighting between clans. I liked how the characters incorporated heroine into their lives but hero spent a bit too much time fighting his attraction. Alone on a wild ride Fiona falls from her horse and is captured by Laird Ewan as a hostage.

    25. Love itI love Hannah Howells books. They keep me coming back and rereading them every so often. I enjoy female characters who can fight for themselves when needed too and Fiona is a gal who can.

    26. I read all of Ms Howell's books Back to Back to Back while this is a fun series I seriously do not recommend anyone doing so. The plots tend to be repetitious and run together. If you want to enjoy the Murray Clan, take your time there is much to enjoy just one at a time.

    27. It's a decent series. I will probably read another of the books but I am not running out to get one. That's just me. If you are a fan of Highlander fiction without the paranormal element, this is a great series to read.

    28. I love fiona. I couldn't wait until she had her own book after having her character appear in other parts of the series. Plot was a little predicatable but what romance isn't once you've read enough of them! Really enjoyed this book.

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