Christmas Mourning

Christmas Mourning It s Christmas in rural North Carolina s Colleton County and Judge Deborah Knott is looking forward to a family celebration when a tragedy clouds the holiday season A beautiful young cheerleader dies

  • Title: Christmas Mourning
  • Author: Margaret Maron
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  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s Christmas in rural North Carolina s Colleton County and Judge Deborah Knott is looking forward to a family celebration when a tragedy clouds the holiday season A beautiful young cheerleader dies in a car crash and the community is devastated by her death Sheriff s Deputy Dwight Bryant soon learns that her death was not a simple accident, and lives may be lost uIt s Christmas in rural North Carolina s Colleton County and Judge Deborah Knott is looking forward to a family celebration when a tragedy clouds the holiday season A beautiful young cheerleader dies in a car crash and the community is devastated by her death Sheriff s Deputy Dwight Bryant soon learns that her death was not a simple accident, and lives may be lost unless he and Deborah can discover why she died.

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    1. I was listening to this in the car, and got through 4 of the 8 discs before I asked why I was torturing myself? It was so "goody two shoes" that it became insipid. I had to create a new shelf for my books - abandoned - to acknowledge that sometimes it's just not worth finishing a story. Too many books - too little time.

    2. I hadn’t read any of Margaret Maron’s books before winning this one on a book review blog. Now I shall be eagerly searching for more, preferably more of the same series, though I’m sure I’d enjoy her other books too. Christmas Mourning is set in rural North Carolina where teenagers text and drive, hunters use illegal lamps to blind deer, and Judge Deborah Knott combines marriage to the local deputy, aunt-hood to a gazillion youngsters, and the baseless accusations of a maddening mother a [...]

    3. This is one of the latest entries in Maron's series about Judge Deborah Knott. While I think I've read another of these, I have not followed the series and so I was a little overwhelmed as the book began simply because there are a lot of characters. However, once things got going, this turned into a wonderful reading adventure.The book tells of Knott's investigation into the death of a popular cheerleader in a car crash. Knott's husband unearths information which leads her to believe that there [...]

    4. We return to Colleton County, North Carolina just in time for the holidays. Sadly they are overshadowed when a very popular Senior in high school, Mallory Johnson, dies in a car crash on the way home from a party. This was not the only tragedy this area has had to face, a few days later two not so popular kids were found shot to death. This happening all after another car accident just two months earlier where two other youths were killed and another was severely injured. To stay the town in stu [...]

    5. The series is the one your reading year is built aroundIt has been a year of non-stop change for Judge Deborah Knott and her husband the Colleton County Sherriff’s Deputy Dwight Bryant. They are about to celebrate their first anniversary and finally have Dwight’s son Cal settled into living with them after the tragedy of losing his mother. But this homey scene is rocked when Mallory, a popular teenager dies in a tragic car accident. Leaving too many questions and no answers in what should be [...]

    6. This review applies to the audio version.In this latest Judge Deborah Knott and clan mystery, it's Christmas time once again and Deborah and Dwight are celebrating their first anniversary as well. A series of fatal car crashes involving young folks has set a bit of a pall over Colleton County's festivities, though, especially the most recent involving Mallory Johnson, head cheerleader at West Colleton High. By everyone's account, she's practically perfect, so when a small amount of alcohol is fo [...]

    7. It's hard to believe that this is the 16th in the Deborah Knott series which seems as fresh as it did when it debuted. One thing about this series is that it's best to read them in order because of the huge cast of characters. Deborah Knott is a District Court judge in rural Colleton County, North Carolina which is southeast of Raleigh. Deborah is the youngest of a family of 12 children and she has 11 older brothers, all of whom are married with children. Plus there is her father, her friends, n [...]

    8. This was my first Deborah Knott novel. Since this was # 16 I think I will need to read the others. There were too many characters to keep them straight. Felt like I needed a family tree. The story started out slow, but murders had enough questions to keep me interested. Howevere there was too many little details about furniture, people's clothes and who had what kids.

    9. So the ethical question still was not answered. Who killed Mallory Johnson? We know who put the drugs in her drink and we know who flashed the blinding lights, but which one of them would be considered the one who caused her death. The other mystery is solved and it makes sense. We also had one of those endings where the legal system is spared the whole trial thing. If this is your 16th time with Deborah Knott you are well familiar with the family, with the folksy story telling, with the bootleg [...]

    10. The mystery was not bad. My 15 year old nephew was riding shotgun for this book and he enjoyed it as well. I did skip the two mild marital sex scenes because it made both of us uncomfortable to listen to. The characters were colorful and eccentric, but I did fine keeping them straight despite not having read the previous 15 books in the series. Some aspects of the mystery solution were somewhat obvious just because why else would they be in the book? I did pick the wrong suspect for the murder, [...]

    11. I enjoy the Deborah Knott series and this one did not disappoint. I love her family and their closest and love for each other. Too bad more families are not like hers! In the recent past several teenagers have lost their lives in car accidents in Deborah's little town the last one being Mallory Johnson who doesn't drink or use drugs except both are found in her system after the accident. Something is just not right about the accident and while investigating it and a couple other incidents and de [...]

    12. Since there are so many books in this series, I thought perhaps my first book was just a dud, and I should try again. I was wrong. There's so much wrong with this book. The book begins with a family tree of the narrator. She has 11 brothers, all of whom have families and I swear to god that every single one of this mob are referenced somewhere in this book, even though none of them have anything to do with the murder. Get the idea? This was one huge waste of my time.

    13. Judge Deborah Knott is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her husband, Sheriff Deputy Dwight Bryant and his son, but just before Christmas a young, well-liked teenager dies in a mysterious car accident. As Dwight investigates he begins to feel that there is more to this accident than anyone can imagine and when two young men are shot to death he feels even more so.Not so Christmasy but a good mystery nevertheless.

    14. I don't think it was really solvable, but easy, fluid writing, a well-drawn setting, and strong characters make Maron worth reading.

    15. I checked Christmas Mourning out on CD at my local library. That is how I started the series and why I keep reading out of order. This story is a year after Deborah and Dwight's wedding. The season should be full of joy but the death of a popular cheerleader takes away some of the cheer. What follows are more deaths and a secret from the past coming back to haunt several characters. This was one of the darker stories in the series. I was surprised by who caused the cheerleader's wreck but did se [...]

    16. Christmas Morning, by Margaret Maron, A-minus, narrated by C. J. Krit, produced by Recorded Books, downloaded from audible.In this book, Dwight and Deborah are approaching their first anniversary and it is also coming up to Christmas. I think this might be one of the first ones in which Maron gives Deputy Dwight Bryant a larger part, making this a joint police procedural, but also with Judge Deborah Knott performing her own analysis and coming up with the right answer. A teenage girl, talented, [...]

    17. I really enjoy this series. Deborah Knott, a district court judge North Carolina, is not the typical cozy heroine. First, she started out her career as a lawyer; then she became a judge; therefore, she has some professional experience she can lend and use toward solving the current murder. Secondly, she rarely goes off impulsively to investigate a clue she has come across (though she has done that on occasion). For the most part, she stays in the background and uses her experience and family tie [...]

    18. CHRISTMAS MOURNING by Margaret Maron is set in fictional Colleton County in North Carolina, just before Christmas. A beautiful high-school girl, Mallory Johnson,dies from a nighttime car accident. Or was it an accident?Judge Deborah Knott hears a lot about Mallory from the nieces and nephews she drives around, and who accumulate at her house for Christmas cooking and other Christmas things. Her husband Deputy Sheriff Dwight Bryant investigates the accident, and also the deaths of two young broth [...]

    19. This was my first Margaret Maron book, but it may not be my last. I think I would enjoy spending more time with the characters - especially Judge Deborah Knott and her family. Because I hadn't read any others, I did feel like I was constantly being introduced yet another family member that had nothing to do with the story. It didn't hamper my ability to follow the story, but maybe that alone is good reason to start with #1 in a series such as this.As far as the story, young people were dying fro [...]

    20. Even though this was a "Christmas book" (heartwarming family celebrations included), the mystery seemed transparent and kind of rigged, and worst of all one of the victims crashed a red Miata, I liked this book anyway. Margaret Maron is in her zone. She does an OK job describing high school social life, both now and in the teen years of her main characters. Passions run strong, kids do stupid things, and several of them wind up dead. The question is, how, and who is responsible?***While I don't [...]

    21. Margaret Maron is one of my go to holiday reading authors, for which my main criteria is an author who can capture a strong sense of a place and its people. Maron's Judge Knott series does this superbly, and this book is no exception. More focused than her previous work on the kids of Colleton county, the teenagers are are particularly sharply drawn, and ring true. Having said that, there seems to be a tiredness creeping in to the writing, and times where Maron seems to be just going through the [...]

    22. This novel in one of my favorite series continues to showcase the rich family life of Judge Deborah Knott, imbedding their relationships to help solve the mystery behind the recent deaths of a number of teenagers in the North Carolina community. Readers familiar with Maron's writing will not be surprised by how carefully she reveals clues, introduces layers and unravels the mystery, surprising the reader along the way. Maron also shares the details of a district judge's responsibilities, demonst [...]

    23. I tried to give this book a go. I wanted to get into a new series. I knew I was in trouble when I started the book and there was a family tree with about a bazillion people listed. Books in general should have limited characters so you can keep them straight. This book just kept adding more and more and more. Not to mention, it seemed to have less to do with the mystery of how Mallory died and more to do about gossip, the never-ending family, and sounding uneducated.A good book in general has li [...]

    24. The death of a young teenager in a car accident is tragic at any time, but when it happens near Christmas, it can taint the season for her family always. Mallory Johnson dies in a one car accident after a party. Her dad refuses to believe his daughter was drinking. He's sure someone spiked her drink, causing the accident. Soon afterwards, it becomes known that Vicodan is missing from the house Mallory had just left.Deputy Sherriff Dwight Bryant investigates while his wife Judge Deborah Knott ask [...]

    25. An easy reading Christmas cozy with a tangled mystery. District Judge Deborah Knott and chief sheriff's deputy Major Dwight Bryant are getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas together as man and wife. However, it promises not to be a quiet Christmas. In chapter 1, Mallory Johnson, the popular golden girl cheer leader captain is killed in a suspicious one car accident. It is the second fatal car accident involving students in recent histoy. As Deborah and Dwight learn more about Mallory [...]

    26. I used to listen to Maron's Deborah Knott books on CD in the car. While they were entertaining, they weren't usually my first choice, I used them as a fallback when I couldn't find anything more at the library to my liking. I personally am not that thrilled by the idea of life in the South. This particular installment got going slowly, and then picked up speed. An accident turns into something more and then there are other deaths as wellI suppose that could describe the plot of many formulaic my [...]

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