Ontwaken & De strijd

Ontwaken De strijd The Vampire Diaries is het verhaal van Stefan en Damon twee broers die ten tijde van de Italiaanse renaissance verliefd waren op dezelfde vrouw Ze vonden de dood in een zwaardduel maar ontwaakten d

  • Title: Ontwaken & De strijd
  • Author: L.J. Smith Karin Breuker
  • ISBN: 9789022554531
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Vampire Diaries is het verhaal van Stefan en Damon, twee broers, die ten tijde van de Italiaanse renaissance verliefd waren op dezelfde vrouw Ze vonden de dood in een zwaardduel, maar ontwaakten daarna als vampiers Eeuwen lang bestreden ze elkaar Nu zijn ze opnieuw verliefd op hetzelfde meisje, deze keer op het aantrekkelijke tienermeisje Elena, van Robert E Lee HiThe Vampire Diaries is het verhaal van Stefan en Damon, twee broers, die ten tijde van de Italiaanse renaissance verliefd waren op dezelfde vrouw Ze vonden de dood in een zwaardduel, maar ontwaakten daarna als vampiers Eeuwen lang bestreden ze elkaar Nu zijn ze opnieuw verliefd op hetzelfde meisje, deze keer op het aantrekkelijke tienermeisje Elena, van Robert E Lee High School Is Elena sterk genoeg om zich staande te houden in hun allesvernietigende vete

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      200 L.J. Smith Karin Breuker
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    1 thought on “Ontwaken & De strijd”

    1. 2 stars – Vampire Romance/Young AdultAlthough the Vampire Diaries precedes Meyer’s Twilight Saga, it’s impossible not to compare the two series, and I have to say that I much prefer Twilight. This felt a little bit too much like a vamped out version of “Mean Girls”, and I didn’t really get into the story or care about any of the characters at all. They’re all so selfish, juvenile, and petty, and okay, I get that it’s a young adult series, but it felt really immature and teen angs [...]

    2. Since these books are going to be a T.V show in Sept, I thought I'd buy the booksSome people have read it and compared it to Twilight, but I have to say that these books are NOTHING like Twilight except for the part where she's human and the brothers aren't. But that's about it.So I've read the first one "The Awakening and The Struggle" and I have to say that I was kind of disappointed.Elena is an uptight snobby girl who gets what ever she wants and when she doesn't she pouts like a 2 year old o [...]

    3. Elena is the most popular girl in school, her boyfriend Matt a classic all-American sporty, nice boy. Then she sees the new boy, Stefan, dark, sensual, and totally oblivious to her. She determines to have him, and promptly gets rid of Matt. There are a few complications, though: one, Stefan is a vampire from the Italian renaissance period; two, she looks a lot like Katherine, the girl he was in love with who made him a vampire before killing herself, thinking he and his brother Damon, whom she a [...]

    4. I'm DNF'n this book at 30% and I hate not finishing a book but I just can't bring myself to read anymore of it!Not only is Elena a horrible self-centred bitch after one night of kissing Stefan the next morning she's Florence nightingale! I can't stand her not even a little argh!!!!!!!! Love someone you don't even know?! GET A GRIP CRINGE!

    5. I either read an interview or saw one with Stephenie Meyer who remarked that she got her plot to Twilight from a dream that she once had. After having read this, I can say in all certainty that if she got the idea from a dream, it was at some point after reading this series. Look no further for her source material, here it is.Just a few of the parallels that I noticed: Stefan (Edward) can read minds. Stefan and Elena fall splendidly and exquisitely in love with each other despite the fact that t [...]

    6. Don't let the 4 out of 5 stars fool you into thinking this is good, inventive writing. I picked these books up for nostalgic purposes. Back in the early '90s, when I was an adolescent (oh how I date myself), I read and reread these books. They were so romantic and exciting. I remember even then being annoyed by the hack writing, but overlooking it because of the fantastic nature of the stories. I mean come on, who wouldn't fall for a tall, dark handsome vampire with an Italian accent. I'm only h [...]

    7. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* says:

      Okay, so I promised myself I wouldn't do this but here I go as Kat would say UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME.I hated all four of these books hated UNADULTERATED LOATHING!I had posted this as a two but am changing it to a one .ahaha because I am not as nice as I used to be!Elena is our spoiled, popular, idiotic MC. and I hate her, she gets everything she ever wants! She has no compassion and is completely self absorbed - how is this different than any other teenage girl you ask? She is the embodiment of a [...]

    8. This omnibus carries the first two books of Smith's tetralogy - "The Awakening" and "The Struggle". I would give the first one two stars, the second one four. The first one was namely too much of a sugary teenage romance - I'm probably too old to read young adult stuff anymore.There were some things that really annoyed me in these books: Elena was perfection incarnated, the prototype of a Mary-Sue, she had everybody wrapped around her little finger, she always got what she wanted (be it the titl [...]

    9. It's another teen vampire/romance novel. Yay!Actually, it's kind of cheesy. When Stefan Salvatore shows up at Elena's high school, it's love at first sight. He's gorgeous and exotic, and she's looking for someone new. She's fair-haired and popular and closely resembles his ex. Oh, there's one more thing: Stefan's a vampire. From renaissance Italy. And another thing: his older brother, Damon, has also shown up. And they're battling for Elena's affections.So corny, but so fun to read. The ending w [...]

    10. GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: WARNING!! This review contains spoilers!! And it's long-I had a lot of venting to do! With a TV show coming this Fall and Vampire Lit the hot genre, this book has been consistently checked out at my library. A co-worker mentioned she had enjoyed them as a teen and my teen volunteer read it and loved it, so I thought I'd give it a try. I am so annoyed that I wasted my time.This is one example of when I think the TV Show might turn out better than the books. I never felt a [...]

    11. Usually I can't resist these YA supernatural fiction series but Vampire Diaries is actually too wretched for me to enjoy and, oh man, that's saying something. Laughable prose, characters who are inconsistent at best and numbingly dull at worst, and a nonsensical plot cobbled together from various bits of mediocre films like some wrong Frankenstein. No, no, no!Okay, but, see, I might still watch the TV series. Just one episode to see whether it's as bad. Um. Right. Well. Onward.I actually saved t [...]

    12. i don't think there's any way of getting around the fact that i really, really didn't like this book AT ALL. which sucks because i spent quite a bit of money on it, thinking it'd be a great read and fun to read before i dove into the first season of the t.v. showas, it irked me so much i didn't even get past the first part. boooo.love the cover though. paul wesley + ian somerhalder = HELL. YESso: i love the tv series. i should probably have stuck to that instead.

    13. "Vampire Diaries" are the earlier books written by L.J. Smith and, unfortunately, it shows. I enjoyed her later trilogies "Dark Visions" and "The Forbidden Games" very much and therefore had very high hopes for "Vampire Diaries." To my disappointment, the writing is just not as good as I came to expect from L.J. Smith. The characters are not fully developed and more often than not unlikeable. The romance also is not written very well. It is very hard to believe in passion between Elena and Stefa [...]

    14. A pre-Harry Potter young adult series that was a guilty pleasure for me at age 26 to be reading in public. But I couldn't put it down. L.J. Smiths characters were a little flat, yes. Her settings felt 2 dimensional to me and I often couldn't get a grasp of what exactly the characters were really like as people, sure. But that doesn't mean the story wasn't spot on! Once I ignored the flaws in Smiths construction of her Sunnydale-esq town with it's Vampire drama lurking in the shadows of a popular [...]

    15. I really didn't like these books. I didn't care about either Elena or Stefan. I saw the previews for the CW show and thought the story looked good. But the TV show is a thousand times better than the book.I didn't like the self centered Elena or understand why anyone else would either. When she met Stefan I couldn't understand the obsession she had over him, and why she was so hurt that he didn't talk to her. When he finaly saved her at Halloween and they were in love I had to flip back in the b [...]

    16. This book sucks so bad I tell yaWhy did I even botherThis is so not working for meJust stick to the TV series. It has way more bites ;)

    17. I wanted to read this series before the show started this fall as the books are normally better than the shows/movies, but I have to say that I was highly disappointed. I can understand why Stefan would fall for her instantly, but I thought it was kind of cheesy and far fetched that she would fall madly in love with him before she even knows anything about him. story was very flat, the main character Elana got on my nerves, and there were a few parts where I had to re-read something more than on [...]

    18. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I actually read The Fury and Dark Reunion as some all-for-one-price box set thing from Barnes & Noble, but I’m too stupid to find the set I actually read, so I’m only posting a “review” (if you can even call it that) for the first two.Here’s what you should do with these books: (1) Don’t waste your time reading them – they are pretty much terrible;(2) Okay, you ignored my advice and are going to read them anyway? That’s cool. Read them [...]

    19. Spoilers throughout this bad boy:This was so extremely different from the Vampire Diaries Show and not really in a good way. Elena was not very likeable and she was blonde?!?!?! Weird. She is strong and Katherine is weak?!?! Katherine is dead??? (I believe stefan and Damon believed her to be dead for a while in the beginning of the show, but she most certainly did not choose to kill her own self for their sakes) Stefan wasn't as nice as he is in the show. His darker side definitely was more prom [...]

    20. While this book did come highly recommended from a friend, my reaction, over and over as I was turning the pages, was "seriously? you're not going to oh yep. you did" followed by an exasperated eye roll. Elena is the (blond and, of course, beautiful) Queen of the School who just spent her summer in France with her aunt and her little sister because he parents are dead. Really. (Mary-Sue much??) She has a group of adoring followers, both male and female, as well as the requisite frenemy who is sc [...]

    21. One of the very few times that the book is not as good as the show. Two books in and I still feel like Elena is a flat character. Blah.

    22. This book, was one I had been eagerly awaiting back at Christmas time. I'd been really looking forward to reading it, as the TV show had been fabulously debuting on the CW, and I'd been a massive fan before the hiatus. I asked for the first two books in the series for Christmas, almost guaranteed that I'd like them - I'd also read The Night World by the same author the previous summer, and had fallen in love.To say the least, I was a tad disappointed.This was a flat, boring omnibus. Top reviewer [...]

    23. I humbly admit that when I had first picked up this book, it was after all the Twilight/Vampire buzz - though personally Harry Potter trumps vampire - I had it in my mind that it was going to be just like Twilight a sappy romance that I adore. Seeing as how in my life romance is moot reading about other people, fictional or not, is the only substitute I seem to have. Much like everything else in my life, I turn to the books, to get my excitement and I mean the excitement where your body literall [...]

    24. I loved this book! Okay, love is a strong word, so as you can tell I'm using it lightly. I did like this though, I, of course had seen the entire show before picking this up, and I have to say that they are nothing alike. Where did a little sister come from? There's no Jermey? Meredith? Since when? I don't mind the differences though, because I'm getting two stories along the same premis. What I didn't like though is how I never knew when Elena and Stefan got together, it kind of, just, happened [...]

    25. Elena Gilbert is the golden girl who has fallen head over heels in love with Stefan, the only guy she wants. Stefan Salvatore, the guy with a past, will do anything to protect Elena, even if it means avoiding her. Damen Salvatore, the one who will do anything to possess Elena and take revenge against Stefan.Well, I know this is bad to say but when reading the back, it sounded more exciting than it actually was. I thought that I would enjoy this book so much because of all the hype the TV show wa [...]

    26. OK. I only read the first book.I picked it up after watching the 1st chapter on TV, i told myself: "WOW it looks good. why watch it on TV if i can read the books?!?!".Well, sometimes looks can B deceiving.This book was bad. bad and flate plot was predictable, and almost non existing.Elena was annoying and full of herself, Stephan was a wimp.The only light at the end of this tunnel was the evil Brother. Is it wrong for me to want him to win the girl and kill the good boy?!I think I'll stick to th [...]

    27. I was absolutely in love with the show. I fell in love with Damon's character and the suspense of not knowing who Elena would end up with was almost painful. The show did an amazing job with the plots, the characters, the love triangle It made me feel things that I've never felt for fictional characters before (as crazy as that sounds)But, the book, was disappointing. I had high expectations for it. I was looking forward to something better than the show, but it wasn't like it at all and it was [...]

    28. Throughout the books, reading in Elena's narration, only one thought stood out in my mind. It's this: 'Oh my God, she's such a shallow, snobby, self-absorbed bitch.' I hate Elena. My gosh, I can't stand her. Sure, she's become more. . . decent as the series progress but I still can't find it in my heart to like her. I can't evenrelateto her, to start with. She's manipulative. She uses her friends to get what she wants. What's even more frustrating is that this one friend of hersknowsit but still [...]

    29. Maybe 2 stars for these are too much, maybe 1½ would be ok.I was really disappointed when I started reading. I thought this was going to be as juicy read as Twilight or at least something, a tiny bit like something like Twilight but it wasn't.The characters are not really that interesting, I actually didn't get Elena at all, she was too simple and naive - hello, what was that "i love you!"-thing when the two of them spoke to each other for the first time? For fiction, it really wasn't that real [...]

    30. Elena Gilbert is about to start her senior year of high school. She has always been one of the most popular girls at school, and she sees no reason for this to change, but she has a strange feeling that this year will be different. When she gets to school the first day, there is a new student, Stefan, who seems very aloof and mysterious. Elena cannot imagine that she cannot capture the attention of this new boy as she has captured the attention of others through the years. But there is something [...]

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