Heirs of the Blade

Heirs of the Blade She remembered how it felt to lose Salma first to the wiles of the Butterfly kinden girl then to hear the news of his death abandoned and alone in the midst of the enemy She remembered how it felt

  • Title: Heirs of the Blade
  • Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • She remembered how it felt to lose Salma, first to the wiles of the Butterfly kinden girl, then to hear the news of his death, abandoned and alone in the midst of the enemy She remembered how it felt to see her father hacked to death before her eyes But of her murder of Achaeos, of the bite of her blade into his unsuspecting flesh, the wound that had sapped him and ruineShe remembered how it felt to lose Salma, first to the wiles of the Butterfly kinden girl, then to hear the news of his death, abandoned and alone in the midst of the enemy She remembered how it felt to see her father hacked to death before her eyes But of her murder of Achaeos, of the bite of her blade into his unsuspecting flesh, the wound that had sapped him and ruined him until he died, she remembered nothing, felt nothing In such a vacuum, how could she possibly atone Tynisa is running, but she cannot escape the demons of her own mind Amidst the fragmenting provinces of the Dragonfly Commonweal her past will at last catch up with her Her father s ghost is hunting her down At the same time, the Wasp Empress, Seda, is on the move, her eyes on the city of Khanaphes, the fallen jewel of the ancient world Whilst her soldiers seek only conquest, she sees herself as the heir to all the old powers of history, and has her eyes on a far greater prize.

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    1. 5 StarsThe Shadows of the Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky is in a nutshell, the must read series for all fantasy readers. This also applies to a smaller to degree to those that read science fiction and steampunk. To me this is a series that should be receiving all the notoriety, the fan fare, and the must read attention, that much lesser works receive. For me, over the last three years of my life, no books have called to me as these have. No other series has continued to push my imagination, my [...]

    2. I find it hard to believe this is already the seventh book in the Shadows of the Apt series. It feels as full of energy and invention as the first one, something none of the other big epic series going to seven volumes or above managed for me. They all seemed to lose steam or to wander slightly aimlessly around the plot, wondering how to reach the requisite number of pages. I got this feeling with Wheel of Time, with Sword of Shadows, with Crown of Stars, even with Steven Erikson or George R R M [...]

    3. I actually enjoyed this installment of the series a bit more than the last few. Missing are the long and endless major battle scenes (still plenty of fighting action though). I just don't love the big battle scenes. Che becomes a bit more likable for me and this book has much more of Tynsia -- one of my favorite characters.

    4. I have finished Heirs of the Blade (book 7 of the Apt series) and I enjoyed it a lot as expected though I am yet unsure where I would rate it - Scarab path is still my all time favorite with salute the Dark next and while recreating the dark and moody atmosphere of Scarab, Heirs is not quite there maybe because it is second after Scarab, but i think it worked better than the complete change of feel in Sea Watch which was enjoyable but "lighter" in many waysHeirs of the Blade is a follow-up of Th [...]

    5. Finished volume 7 of Shadows of the Apt by Adrian Tchaikovsky; Heirs of the Blade.(slightly spoilery!)In terms of plot, the first part of the book follows Tynisa, who fled Collegium after Achaeos' death, and is now wandering through the Commonweal, hunting some idealistic spark of an ideal society that she caught from her friend Salma.Later, Che and Thalric are trying to find her. And there's a violent peasant uprising that they all end up right in the middle of.So, looking at the general summar [...]

    6. Forged with the blood of many a Kinden, the seventh instalment of the Shadows of the Apt series is a tale of love and retribution wielded by deaths mistress and rippled across the vast land of the Commonweal and surrounding environs. The true sequel to both ‘The Scarab Path’ and ‘Salute the Dark’, ‘Heirs of the Blade’ mystifies foremost with magic courtesy of the omnipresent Darakyon, and the ageing masters of Khanaphes. The unseen dimension this direction added to core characters in [...]

    7. With book 7 we finally catch up with the remaining "lead" character, Tynisa, who we haven't seen since the end of "salute the dark". Her story is quite a sad one and it's an interesting journey watching her make all the wrong choices and how one person's loss can have an effect on thousands. Adrian does a great job of expanding on his world with the commonweal and it's interesting to discover it's not quite as romantic a place as the dragonfly-kinden Salme Dien had us believe.It was also good to [...]

    8. A book that began very weakly, but kept on improving and managed to end on a high note. The ending was not perfect, I have a couple of problems with it, but it helped cap some pretty deft character development that ran through the book. Also Books 8-10 seem to have been set up, and it will be interesting to see how the main conflict picks up again

    9. Another great instalment in the 'Shadows of the Apt' series. Fantastic plot developments and twists, with some seriously epic battle scenes. Don't know how Adrian Tchaikovsky keeps up this kind of momentum and quality - plot, character, action, all brilliantly balanced. Loved it.

    10. This is a review of the entire series - there are NO spoilers. When I look back at the Shadows of the Apt, what strikes me at first might seem incongruous to most.There are no unnecessary descriptions of food. None at all. 10 books, each of them 400 to 700 pages in length - covering battles, history and multiple points of view - and not a single one of them had any descriptions of food.Or sex, clothing, family crests, whores or incest. And I loved it. Not a single wasted line. There may be many [...]

    11. I enjoyed reading Heirs of the Blade, but there were a few things that made me feel it was not at the level of the previous books in the Shadows of the Apt series.First, there was an entire adventure in Kanaphes that was already semi-resolved in the middle of the book, but not visited again. I found that a bit weird and discontinuous because the rest of the story is set on the other side of the world and the connection was tenuous. (view spoiler)[ The empress Seda goes to Kanaphes to gain the ma [...]

    12. Originally posted at: thebookplank/2013/08/heirs-of-blademlEver since starting in Empire of Black and Gold, the Shadows of the Apt series has been at the top of my list of favourite series. I read The Sea Watch somewhere last year but never had gotten around to continue in the series until now. And even though I have been out of the series for a year, from the first page onwards it felt like I read the first six books just the other day. This is because in the Shadows of the Apt series stands ou [...]

    13. Tynisa is haunted by the crimes she things she has committed. From inflicting a mortal wound to her sister to losing her true love to the war, all she could do is to run away from her home, lest the wreckage of her past drives her mad. In this read which culminates in a brilliant duel, we dive into the depths of her character and how she gets absolved of her wrongs and forgives herself. Though she gets a cruel punishment for the madness that consumes her during most of the book, it fits in toget [...]

    14. This book is a real return to the excitement of the Shadows of the Apt series, following on from two fairly tepid, lengthy instalments.It is something of a departure for the series, getting away from the technological developments of automotives and snapbows and getting into some real sword and sorcery.While I was a little disappointed that the outcome of the book didn't contribute massively to the overall series' storyline, it was a thoroughly engaging read and possibly the only book of the ser [...]

    15. Ok, first off if you are not a reader of the series then a lot of this will probably go over your head, also ***spoilers****I liked this book, a look at the commonweal was fascinating kind-of a feudal medieval society with all the repercussions that would entail. Tynisa is our leading lady for this book, tormented by guilt over the death of the moth magician Achaeos at her (unwitting) hands comes here in search of the idealistic society that her deceased friend/love interest Salma told her exist [...]

    16. Heirs of the Blade is the seventh Shadow's of the Apt book! :D The primary narrative of the book picks up from events in book 5 The Scarab Path and follows the events that have befallen Che, Thalric and Tynisa! :D All three of the them have travelled to the Commonweal Tynisa to visit Salma's family and Che and Thalric in pursuit of her! :D Meanwhile the Wasp Empress Seda is paying a visit to Khanapes to grab even more power to her but it hits a bit of snag when she discover Che is already in on [...]

    17. The previous book in the series, "The Sea Watch" was more focused on world-building than the rest of the series, being largely a story of First Contact between different civillisations. This book has fewer world-building elements, although it does do a good job of describing its main setting, the feudal society of the Dragonfly Commonweal, which in earlier books had been an often-mentioned but little-visited part of the world. Instead, this books focuses more on characterisation and on its main [...]

    18. This one gets 4 stars primarily because of how unnerving it was reading about some characters imploding on themselves - this is what drove most of the tension in the story, to me. The other aspect that was nice was seeing further into the nonsense that is the Commonweal. The first half of the series tends to paint the Commonweal as a bastion of goodness - mostly because we have the character of Salma to show us how cool Dragonflies are - but this book takes that veneer and crushes it. There's al [...]

    19. What a contrast. In my review for the previous book The Sea Watch I said that it felt rushed and tried to tell too big a story in just one book. Well this book is completely different. Heirs of the Blade is just beautiful in the way it tells the story. The characters, the language, the action, the settings, all of it is just fantastic. This is easily my favourite book of the series and it is book seven.The story is set largely in the Commonweal, which has certainly featured in previous books but [...]

    20. This very well may be my favorite volume in the Shadows of the Apt series this far. The major themes of the novel have to do with familial relationships and honor. We get to see the bonds of family from both the good and bad aspects and honor both scorned and upheld at great cost. It is an Adrian Tchaikovsky novel, so there is action aplenty. Within the world that Tchaikovsky has created, this is the most inapt-centric book we've been given. As with the other themes, both sides of the inapt abil [...]

    21. c2011. So, this has to be the best one yet with a few mysteries resolved and my favourite characters featured. I have a real soft spot for Thalric and Tynisa and they feature a plenty. The book opens fast with all wasps blazing and the background stories are encapsulated really well so that the memory is jogged easily so as to really enjoy this part of the epic. The next book has been well set up, with Che's unbidden prophecy amongst others devices, and I can not wait until it is released. I cou [...]

    22. Mixed feelings about this installment. On the plus side it features my favourites Che and Thalric. On the negative side this feels more of a middle-sequence novel which is really setting up the action for the next story arc. The story really discusses the nature of government and law - critiquing the standard feudal/medieval world of so many fantasy novels, embodied here in the Dragonfly Commonweal, and cleverly suggesting that the Wasp Empire is a positive force for change. In addition we get a [...]

    23. This one was a pain to finish. I don't know whether I was getting fed up with the series, or had the plot watered down and turned too 'soap operish' for my taste. In terms of structure, this novel has all the right things: an outrageous romance, family issues, court intrigues, major scale revenge subplot, chases through woods, epic battles, blood, s*x and magic, close calls, restless ghosts (and an exorcism!), grand finale A textbook recipe. However, all that just didn't do it for me. Also, it i [...]

    24. This novel marked a return to the main overarching plot in the Shadows of the Apt series. The previous novel, The Sea Watch, left the conflict of the Lowlands with the Wasp Empire behind and rather slipped below the ocean in the manner of Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. That novel was by far my least favorite in the series and so this was marked a good return.While not entirely about the conflict, it was a return to the previous characters with Che searching for her half sister, Tynisa, a [...]

    25. I think this was my favourite of the 'post-war' books. I really didn't like Scarab Path much and The Sea Watch felt almost like a stand-alone book. I love Tchaikovsky's method of telling stories from several characters' points of view and the insight it gives us into all the different cultures and sub-plots, something I think captivated me in the first place to this series. I'm not sure what it was about 'Heirs' but it felt much more like a Shadows of the Apt book compared to the last two. Perha [...]

    26. Another great book but somehow I had some mixed feelings about it. I don't know, somehow I might have enjoyed it more without the bit of side story about Seda. I know that we are foreshadowing the next book - I understand. I don't know I just kind of enjoyed the departure from the wasps in the Sea Watch and it was all brought back. Someone in Collegium needs to invest in a big ol' can of Raid Wasp and Hornet killer. The struggle of Tynisa and Che was very interesting in this book. As well as the [...]

    27. Yay! Awesome ending. Can't wait for the next one. Its a fairly dark, slow book, and it dragged a bit in the middle, and some aspects of the ending were a bit too neat for my taste, but I still think it takes the series a sort of cumulatively considerably forward. Its not in the slightest what I would have expected from this story and these characters seven books ago, certainly/ (view spoiler)[ Tisamons tragic but thoroughly consistent descent into full blown villain(hide spoiler)] I particularly [...]

    28. As usual, the book started slow and slowly gathered pace. I must say beyond the 60% mark it did get rather interesting. If only the start of the book could speed up, it would make for a better read. I kind of had to drag myself to read some parts of the beginning.I must say, the fights written in this are nothing short of brilliant. Although I would have expected a certain fight to have much more interesting action to it than a one sided affair.Nonetheless, I give this book 3.5 stars and as I am [...]

    29. The series is back on form with this book, returning to personal drama more compelling than the clash of armies. And I was so happy to have this book all about sisters, who are such different people now that they barely recognise each other - to the extent that each's thoughts about the other could be actively jarring to read. But they're all adorable. Which is exactly how I like my characters. Darling magician and murderbaby.

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